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  • RESCHEDULED: Boston Socialist Unity conference for March 17 is being postponed

    Dear Boston area activist community,

    The Boston Socialist Unity Project has decided to reschedule its third annual conference, originally scheduled for March 17 at MIT. Charges of sexual misconduct have been made in relation to one of the presenters, and significant concerns have been expressed by some of the participating organizations. BSUP cannot sponsor a conference with the mission of promoting unity until this issue has been addressed.

    Rather, BSUP is organizing a public town hall meeting in the near future about sexual misconduct in the movement and related issues, which are an obstacle to unity. We will reach out broadly to different constituencies and resources to develop this program. Our goal will be to work towards a credible process by which BSUP and the broader Left movement can handle these situations. As we focus on unity and healing, we should remain concerned about justice for all parties, recognizing the process and its outcomes may not fully satisfy everyone.

    We apologize for the inevitable inconvenience, especially to those volunteers who have spent much time working to build this conference. Information about the upcoming program will be sent as soon as it is final.

    This conference was organized to oppose and help heal the divisions in our society, which the ruling class uses as tools to fragment the Left. There is much work to do in combating this, and BSUP hopes you will return in the future to further our focus on unity. A better world is possible!

    In solidarity,

    Organizing Committee, Boston Socialist Unity Project

    ORGANIZING REPORT: New York City gets fired up for the Freedom Fast!

    Award-winning playwright Eve Ensler to farmworkers preparing to fast:
    “Keep going, brave, beautiful women…”


    New York City gets fired up for the Freedom Fast! Actress Erika Alexander sends a message to Wendy’s: Join the Fair Food Program! Award-winning playwright Eve Ensler to farmworkers preparing to fast: “Keep going, brave, beautiful women.

    I am with you, and all of us at V-Day and One Billion Rising – countless activists around the world – stand with you today, rising in the name of justice for all women workers.” For the past six weeks, our advance organizing team has been taking New York City by storm in preparation for next week’s Freedom Fast.

    Thanks to the tireless crew of CIW farmworker leaders and Alliance for Fair Food staff members assembled in the city, a palpable buzz is building by the day among faith communities, students, worker groups and labor unions, women’s rights organizations, and celebrities ahead of next week’s Freedom Fast and Time’s Up Wendy’s March! In addition to the excitement about the big march through Manhattan on the 15th, scores of allies from around New York and the country — from Massachusetts to Wyoming — will be joining nearly two dozen farmworkers in their five-day fast outside of the offices of Nelson Peltz. Now just a week out, the Freedom Fast and march are shaping up to be the largest and most significant actions in the Wendy’s Boycott to date. There’s a lot of news out of the Big Apple, so we’ll jump right in! Here’s the action-packed update straight from the indefatigable organizing team in New York: After over a month of outreach, New York is just about ready for the upcoming Freedom Fast and Time’s Up Wendy’s March! First up, we have a report from the swiftly-growing movement for women’s rights. In addition to public support from the Time’s Up movement, actresses like Erika Alexander (see video above), Amber Tamblyn, and Patricia Arquette, and the announcement that U.S. Women’s Soccer superstar Abby Wambach, New York Times bestselling author Glennon Doyle, and human rights leader Kerry Kennedy will be marching alongside the CIW, we have been working closely with both local and national women’s rights leaders who are stepping up to the plate to combat sexual violence. We marched in the 200,000+ strong Women’s March in NYC, spreading the word about the Wendy’s Boycott and upcoming action to countless women. Since then, the Women’s March NYC Chapter has committed to show up en masse for the upcoming Time’s Up Wendy’s March. And, the New York chapter of the National Organization of Women — one of the country’s largest women’s organizations — will also be marching with farmworkers on March 15th!

    … Head over to the CIW website for the full update from the New York organizing team!

    Coalition of Immokalee Workers (239) 657 8311 | workers(AT) |

    Coalition of Immokalee Workers | 110 S 2nd St, Immokalee, FL 34142

    International Women’s Day 2018. Solidarity with Women Everywhere

    International Women’s Day 2018.

    Solidarity with Women Everywhere.
    Making America Sane Again.

    Copley Sq. Boston 5 to 9 PM

    Hosted by The Activista and Boston May Day Coalition

    Speakers list for the rally:

    Sirad Zahra – Mass Action Against Police Brutality,
    Maria – Chelsea Uniting Against the War,
    Lenora of Sisterhood – Boston May Day Coalition,
    Rev. Vernon Walker – Poor Peoples Campaign for Moral Revival
    Dorotea Manuela
    Magalis Troncoso – Dominican Development Center
    Polo Democratico Alternativo
    Anarchist Black Cross
    Boston Food for Activists
    More on the open Mic

    Come in join us to our Rally and March for Women. Thursday March 8, 2018 at Copley Square Boston, MA 0216 at 5:00 PM.

    Marching for Undocumented Women and their Families,
    Protecting Women’s Rights,
    Fighting for Gender Equality,
    Equal Pay, $15 Minimum Wage
    Standing Up against Misogyny,

    Standing up against the police brutality against women of color, stop the mass incarceration of black women, and the filling of cases against black women in the judicial system, standing up for black mothers whose children have been killed by the police. Racial Prejudice,

    Fighting Against Abuse and Sexual Assault,

    Standing Up against LGBTQ Discrimination Trans women are under attack, would you stand up and fight back? Trans Women safety in Massachusetts is at risk right now seeing as the “keep Massachusetts safe” campaign seeks to repeal the 2016 Massachusetts Transgender Anti-Discrimination Bill, which is set to be voted on in November. The first Trans woman killed this year, Christa Leigh Steele-knudslien was a Massachusetts resident and founder of the Miss Trans New England pageant, and another Trans Woman, Amelia Perry, committed suicide in Boston mere weeks ago due to pressures from an unfair society, For Access to Women Healthcare, Standing up and fighting for access for women to political power, Standing Up for Women Power!. Disabled women deserve to be included in our society as well seeing as the house just voted YES to #HR620 which would remove protections formerly in play by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Act Up, Fight Back!

    When Women are under attack, what do we do?
    When Black Women are Under Attack
    When Undocumented Women are Under Attack

    Women of every color, Women of all nationalities, Women from every background join together as one, and fight gender discrimination across the Nation!

    Everyone Who is Fighting and Standing up for Women’s Rights is WELCOME!, OUR DEMANDS ARE:

    1. Stop the brutal raids against undocumented women and their families nationwide, also we call not keep the policy of discrimination against women in general as business as usual.
    2. Stop the arrest of undocumented parents when they are bringing their children to schools across the nation.
    3. We call the federal government to respect sanctuary cities and institutions that had declare themselves as sanctuaries, which only goals are to help innocent undocumented people who have not committed any crime in this nation.
    4. We are calling to the local police not to do the job that is assigned only to federal authorities when detaining undocumented people with not reason or justification.
    5. Stop terrorizing our communities and diving our families across the nation.
    6. We demand the full prosecution of those individuals that have killed or shot at lawful permanent resident or citizens of this country, which only crime has been to have a different color of skin than white people.
    7. We demand to local authorities and the congress of the United States to start a Immigration Reform that this countries needs so badly as soon as possible and stop playing with the need of Millions of people in this country that provide support and create jobs to our nation.
    8. The Time is Up, we demand to the courts and police departments to stop victimizing women when a sexual crime has been committed against them. We demand to believe in women and to support them when the are denouncing a sexual crime against them , when they are harassed or are the target of misogyny at work, at home or on the streets. #MeToo We stand up for $15 for the minimum wage and for equal payment for women now.

    When Women are under attack, what do we do?
    When Black Women are Under Attack
    When Undocumented Women are Under Attack

    Women of every color, Women of all nationalities, Women from every background join together as one, and fight gender discrimination across the Nation!

    Everyone Who is Fighting and Standing up for Women’s Rights is WELCOME!

    ****OPEN MIC**** ANYONE who wants to speak their truth is more than welcome! Use your voice, it’s your power!

    Please share this event link on your Facebook pages as well, we need your love and solidarity, even if you can’t make it!

    Volunteers are needed so do not be hesitant to message us or contact us with questions!

    March 08, 2018 at 5:00 PM
    Copley Square, 560 Boylston Street Boston MA 02116

    Rally to Close Guantanamo and Give It Back to Cuba

    February 24, 2018, 1pm, at Park Street Station

    February 23 is the 115th anniversary of the US seizure of Guantanamo from Cuba as a result of the provoked Spanish American war.

    Join us, as part of this nation-wide protest, to lift your voice and express outrage about US possession of this land and what we have done with it.

    Torture and indefinite detention have no place in the country we want to live in. Help bring justice for the prisoners and restore Guantanamo Bay to its people.

    This rally is organized by the Committee for Peace and Human Rights; the Coalition Against U.S. Foreign Military Bases; United National Antiwar Coalition; United for Justice with Peace; Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Boston branch; July 26 th Coalition; Brookline PAX, Green-Rainbow Party, Greater Boston branch and VFP Boston, Chapter 9, Smedley D. Butler Brigade.

    Boston Socialist Unity conference March 17 at MIT

    Dear socialist, Left and progressive organizations,

    We invite you to participate in the third annual conference of the Boston Socialist Unity Project, March 17 at MIT (9-5 pm). This year the conference theme is, “Building Socialist Power: social movements and the Left in an election year.” Plenary speakers include Savina Martin, Eastern Massachusetts coordinator of the Poor People’s Campaign, and Ari Wohlfeiler, deputy director of Jewish Voice for Peace, who will address Palestinian Rights. Jill Stein will address US imperialism and the situation in Korea. Other speakers will discuss issues concerning labor and women’s rights. Current information about the conference is posted at, which also has information about the 2017 conference. Facebook: BostonSocialistUnityProject

    A strong socialist community in Boston is essential for working people and the dispossessed to build power and eventually replace capitalism with a social system based on human needs and not profit. BSUP hopes to foster more communication, cooperation and a broader vision of the future; it is our intention to support socialist and Left organizations and individuals through nonsectarian education and activities.

    There are many ways to become involved:

    Socialist and Left strategies and organizing to build capacity and impact are ever more urgently needed in these challenging times! We hope you will join us!

    In solidarity,

    Boston Socialist Unity Project

    contact: bostonsocialistunity(AT)

    Contact us

    Occupy Boston Media <> • <> • @Occupy_Boston