Occupy Wall Street 10 Year Anniversary

On September 17th several Occupy’s celebrated the 10th anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. Ten years ago our movement swept the nation and the world. While we haven’t heard Occupy in the news so much over the past years, that doesn’t mean that occupiers weren’t busy. Occupiers were very busy, participating in Black Lives Matter, The Women’s March, Standing Rock and everything else that affects the 99%. Occupiers also ran for public office and won, started Non-Profits and companies of their own. Some homeless occupiers have even come to own their own homes. Though we have sadly lost some members from our ranks along the way, Occupy is still very much alive.

Occupy Boston

Occupy Boston gathered at Faneuil Hall in Boston on Friday afternoon to celebrate OWS’s anniversary as well as shining light on changing the name of Faneuil Hall, 7th most visited tourist site in the world and named after a slave trader. A small number of activists occupied Faneuil Hall for the night offering food, water, first aid and other assistance to those in distress in the overnight hours. Occupy Boston is planning to occupy Faneuil Hall again on September 30th the 10th anniversary of Occupy Boston.

Occupy Los Angeles

Occupy Los Angeles gathered at city hall to commemorate their 10 year anniversary on Friday. Lee Camp joined them to celebrate with a ‘batsignal’ stating ‘We Are The 99%’ projected on Los Angeles city hall. There were several speeches and you can see part of it below.

Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street gathered at about 11 am on Friday at Zuccotti Park. There were several speakers and a press conference. Things went pretty smoothly as far as we know.