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    Press release from Red Warrior Camp in North Dakota gotten out on the airwaves by Unicorn Media



    9/13/16 2:37 PM CENTRAL
    Media Spokesperson: Cody Hall (605) 220-2531
    Krystal Two Bulls (406) 740-1508

    According to reports from on-site and online media outlets, 20 people have been arrested (including medics and two journalists from Unicorn Riot) and at least two people remain locked to bulldozers as construction was stopped at two sites along the Dakota Access Pipeline Route. Approximately 100 law enforcement have arrived in riot gear and officers with semi-automatic rifles came up from behind water protectors as they pointed rifles at the heads of the unarmed persons. One event is occurring west of Mandan at site 89, near Highway 94 south from exit 120. According to current reports, police have shut down all road access to the site.

    These non-violent direct actions are part of a long-term commitment to prevent the contested DAPL pipeline from entering into the ground, which water protectors (both indigenous and non-native allies) see as a raping of Mother Earth.

    Today’s construction by Energy Transfer Partners comes in defiance of an Obama administration request that the “pipeline company voluntarily pause all construction activity within 20 miles east or west of Lake Oahe” following Friday’s decision by Judge Boasberg of the United States District Court denying an injunction sought by the Standing Rock Tribe to prevent pipeline construction to continue. This ruling was followed up by a joint statement between the Obama administration, Department of Justice, Department of the Interior and the U.S. Army, who blocked portions of the construction underneath Lake Oahe for an undetermined amount of time.

    Red Warrior Camp is following the story live (via Unicorn Riot livestream), but with interruptions and gaps in service (

    One Red Warrior Camp Facebook post shows photographs of large pipes placed into newly dug trenches approximately : “This is how horrible the land looks when DAPL trenches deep to lay the pipeline. All the children of Mother Earth need to help Her and Protect her and take care of Her as She has taken care of us all our lives. Be strong and come to Standing Rock. Help us. Stand with us. Pray for us.”

    A bus load of police arrive in full riot gear at DAPL site 89 west of Mandan.

    In a phone call from Peoples Media at 1:43 PM, Morton County Sheriff spokesperson Rob Keller mentioned the situation is currently unfolding and he could provide no details except that law enforcement from the Morton County Sheriff and most likely the North Dakota Highway Patrol were on the scene and assessing the situation. Keller was unable to provide arrest or location information.

    Water protectors have pledged to defend the land and water for as long as it takes. The water protectors urge people to stay vigilant, informed and strong as these events unfold. They reiterate that they are non-violent and the only weapons they have are their prayers and bodies. They vow to stand in the way of the military and bulldozers and are preparing for the long haul.

    Images and video are available on Facebook at Red Warrior Camp, with credit to Red Warrior Camp or other noted media outlet. Additional information available at Unicorn Riot- Volunteer-operated decentralized nonprofit media collective, to amplify the voices of people who might otherwise go unheard.

    Multi-School Divest Fund Launches TODAY

    (from bobbywego)

    Hi Folks,

    We are pleased to let you know that TODAY, 12/23, we launch the Multi-School Fossil Fuel Divestment Fund:!

    We now have 13 schools participating and the website is live. You can donate here:! We also have a twitter handle (@DivestFund) and are using the hashtag #DivestFund.

    Here’s our press release:

    Universities Across the Country Launch a Multi-School Fossil Free Divestment

    Main Contact: Sarah Vukelich, Williams,, 619-609-3458

    Secondary: Becky Romatoski, MIT,, 651-587-7172;
    Bobby Wengronowitz, BC,, 630-464-5875


    Cambridge, MA — Alumni, parents, and students from universities across the country have launched a bold new Multi-School Fossil Free Divestment Fund. The Fund facilitates tax-deductible donations for those who would like to give to an educational institution but are hesitant because the institution invests in the environmentally, financially, and morally hazardous fossil fuel industry. The Fund will hold and invest donations until a school’s endowment:

    1. Immediately freezes any new investment in fossil fuel companies and
    2. Divests within five years from current holdings of fossil fuel companies.

    For participating schools unable to stand up to fossil fuel companies by the end of 2017, their funds will go to participating schools that have divested. Morgan Curtis, a Dartmouth student, explains the timeline: “Back in 2011, the IEA [International Energy Agency], hardly a radical organization, found that 2017 was the cutoff for building any new fossil fuel infrastructure if we are to avoid catastrophic climate change. We haven’t even hit 1° C yet, and it’s already been disastrous and lethal, especially for those least responsible.”

    The Fund allows parents, alumni, faculty, staff, students, and others to leverage their donations to help universities do the right thing. As Brandeis alumnus Naveh Halperin explains, “I want to give to Brandeis because I had an amazing experience there, but I can’t donate knowing they’re investing in morally unjust industries that undercut their mission to strive for social justice.” Since donations will go to other universities if a given university has not divested, the Fund creates a friendly competition to push for action at a level commensurate with the urgency and magnitude of the deepening climate crisis. “Money donated acts as a financial carrot, but if universities continue to support the rogue fossil fuel industry, those donations turn into a stick” says Chris Nidel, an MIT alumnus.

    While financial contributions are important, the number of donors is equally powerful. College rankings are important for many institutions. Five percent of those rankings are derived from alumni giving, meaning even small donations matter. Boston College student David Corbie says he is “working on getting others to use their ‘senior gift’ as a way to encourage our school to stand up for climate justice.”

    Fossil fuel divestment campaigns have been underway for years. Their aim is to stigmatize the fossil fuel industry and loosen the iron grip they have on our political and economic system. Hundreds of institutions–from schools and churches to public pensions and philanthropic foundations–participate in divestment. Many have already divested . The Fund, carefully designed over 18 months, adds one more arrow to the quiver in the fight for climate justice.


    Climate theater at State Street re Spectra pipeline

    Press release, videos, and photos on our website here:

    For immediate release

    Contact: James Billman, FloodBoston. floodboston(AT) 617-669-8045

    Anti-fracking protesters take State Street Corp. HQ Lobby, performing climate theater piece calling on State Street to end its support of Spectra Energy pipeline through West Roxbury.

    On December 18th, citizens from across Massachusetts entered the State Street building to demonstrate against natural gas and the Spectra Energy pipeline. Inside the lobby, they deployed banners, costumes, and elaborate props and performed a theatrical piece highlighting State Street Corporation’s involvement in Spectra Energy, a natural gas company that aims to expand fracked gas pipelines through New England communities.

    This action is part of the “Week of Respect and Resistance,” a nationwide campaign against Spectra Energy’s proposed expansion of the “Algonquin” gas pipeline (“Algonquin” Incremental Market Expansion, or AIM).

    The AIM pipeline, which contributes to climate change, would run through Massachusetts cities and towns.

    David Ludlow of West Roxbury says his neighborhood in Boston is directly threatened by this pipeline that will run near an quarry with an active blasting site. “We’ve been working with gas experts who have investigated numerous gas explosions throughout the country. West Roxbury is densely populated and the AIM pipeline puts our community at grave risk,” says Ludlow.

    Protesters rallied inside State Street Corporation because it is the second largest institutional investor in Spectra Energy. One of the organizers of the protest, Shannon Leary, said, “We’re here to expose State Street’s investment in Spectra Energy as a driver of runaway climate change. Fracked gas is a false solution and we’re here to send a message: If your project or company threatens our community, we won’t let it happen.”

    The AIM Expansion locks New England into a future of fossil fuel dependence, and directly impacts the safety of Boston communities. Organizers called on State Street Corporation to divest their holdings in Spectra Energy, and all other extreme energy projects. Boston-based Spectra Energy is one of the largest natural gas processing, storage, and distribution companies in the United States. State Street Corporation, is one of the largest investors in Spectra Energy, as well as the proposed Kinder Morgan gas pipeline in Massachusetts. After leaving State Street, protesters performed music and theater inside South Station.

    What: Climate theater piece with banners and musical accompaniment.

    When: Thursday 18 Dec 4pm

    Where: State Street Lobby, One Lincoln Street

    Who: Students, citizens and community members from across the state of Massachusetts, Fighting Against Natural Gas (FANG), and FloodBoston.

    Save CITY SOIL from Big Corp TWEET NOW #savecitysoil


    You can’t get more GRASS-ROOTS than this!

    City Soil IN ACTION in Boston! #savecitysoil

    City Soil is a locally rooted, small, socially responsible, democratically run GREEN operation that  is UNDER ATTACK by a BIG CORP which focuses on creating RED DYED mulch.  The commercial supplier with government connections wants the land that City Soil has been operating on for years!  Please take a few minutes to support our friends over at City Soil. See the link or the summary below about City Soil’s mission.


    TWEET:  some version of the following (or copy it): 
    Please let @citysoilma stay on their @MassDCR land in #Mattapan!


    @MassEEA – Respectfully requesting that you meet ASAP with @CitySoilMA to discuss @MassDCR eviction!

    1.  Call Secretary Sullivan respectfully asking that he SAVE CITY SOIL: 617-626-1101
    2.  Update your Facebook status and photo to educate your friends about the campaign
    3.  Start thinking about other people/groups that we can bring into the coalition.
    4.  Forward this to 20 people, and call and/or text them during the day to see if they’ll take action!

    City Soil develops projects ranging from centralized in-vessel commercial composting and anaerobic digestion facilities to decentralized compost operations serving community gardens, farms, schools and and residential backyards. Our team’s breadth of experience and expertise puts us in a unique position as we move into a new era of sustainable agriculture and organic waste recycling. City Soil has pioneered the design and construction of educational outdoor classrooms, greenhouses, living roofs and growing systems with many leading nonprofits and environmental organizations. We provide soil, compost, mulch and our specialized ‘grow-how’ to community gardens, landscapers, agricultural startups, and homeowners.

    PRESS RELEASE: You Are Not A Loan

    By Occupy Boston Strike Debt

    Saturday April 6th, 2013 2-5pm Upstairs at The Middle East, 472 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA, Central Square.

    FREE ADMISSION and Refreshments provided.

    Debt is a tie that binds the 99%. Occupy Boston Strike Debt present an afternoon of music, food, serious discussion and strategic resistance around the growing student debt bubble. New York Strike Debt spearheaded The Rolling Jubilee and so far has bought and paid off over $1 million in medical debt as a new tactic for emancipation of citizens from debt peonage. Boston Strike Debt joins New York Strike Debt and Oakland Strike Debt to actualize realistic approaches to fighting and eliminating debt.

    Rick Berlin and A Few Nickels and Dimes and Licious featuring Kelsey Brown will provide entertainment along with DJ Ultratumba.

    Professor Dan Clawson of the University of Massachusetts Sociology Dept and co-author of The Future of Higher Education will present on the growing student debt crisis. Join us for activism, music, community collaboration and solid solutions to student loan debt. Together we can break the shackles of debt. You Are Not A Loan.

    If you would like more information about this event or to schedule an interview please contact

    Contact us

    Occupy Boston Media <> • <> • @Occupy_Boston