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    People Of Color Working Group supports preservation of Silver Maple Forest

    “We, The People of Color Group of OCCUPY Boston, in solidarity with the entire OCCUPY BOSTON community, extend this invitation to join us for a ceremony to preserve the last standing grove of Silver Maple trees that are slated to be cut down for the “redevelopment” of the Alewife green space into luxury apartments for the benefit of the 1%. This sacred parcel of land is privately owned, yet is accessible to the masses and has a connection with all people who enjoy the natural wild life habitat. Land that was used by the indigenous Americans before their genocide. In protest we will have a ceremony to protect the land consisting of readings, performances and a universal “ohm” that will persist for 15 minutes at the closing. The walk to the sacred trees will begin at 8:15pm. Everyone is welcome to attend and we suggest bringing a flashlight, water, and/or an musical instrument. This is a peaceful protest that is meant to call attention to the gravity of the destruction of this sacred land that holds the last of these beautiful trees. We are asking that you please make every effort to attend this event for the sake of preserving our precious planet.”

    Occupy 4 Prisoners, Rally for Tarek Mehanna

    Occupy 4 Prisoners National Day of Action
    On Monday, February 20, members of Occupy Boston, Ocupemos El Barrio, the Jericho movement, Committe of Friends and Relatives of Prisoners, and others led a protest against the Prison Industrial Complex in front of the Nashua Street Jail. A speak-out across the street from the jail included voices from the Black, Puerto Rican, Muslim, Palestinian, Trans communities and many of the prisoners inside displayed signs saying “HELP” “Free Us” and “99%”. It was a moving experience as the 150 or so protestors raised their fists in solidarity with prisoners, communicating non-verbally with them throughout the protest.
    A video and picture slideshow from the event is available here.
    Livestream Video from the event is available  here  and also here.
    More info on the Feb 20 National Day of Action is available at Occupy 4 Prisoners.

    Rally for Tarek Mehanna: Sat Feb 25

    2-4pm Boston Common

    On Saturday, February 25,  from 2-4pm, members of Occupy Boston will join a rally by the Gazebo on the Boston common for Tarek Mehanna and against the Islamophobia and government-sponsored political persecution that his case demonstrates.

    Imagine being in solitary confinement for 856 days and counting.

    Why was Tarek Mehanna targeted by the government? Tarek has been outspoken against US foreign policy, specifically in regards to Muslim countries. He has voiced his beliefs that Muslims should protect their religion and their brethren from being attacked. He has worked to raise consciousness about Muslim prisoners like Aafia Siddiqui and to build support for them. He has encouraged others to fulfill their obligations as Muslims to struggle against oppression. In doing so he is seen as an obstacle in the government’s effort to fight Islam by redefining it into a meek, submissive shadow of itself.

    By refusing to submit to the FBI’s coercive demands that he become an informant, and by speaking out against US policies, Tarek set an example that the government could not tolerate. The government and top 1%-owned media is persecuting him and countless others under bogus “terrorism” charges and insinuations as part of a broader policy of intimidating and silencing the Muslim community. According to Abdul Malik Mujahid of the Muslim Peace Coalition, Since September 11 2001, and the launching of long-term US wars and military occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq, more than 700,000 Muslims have been interviewed by the FBI, and some 75 percent of young Muslims report that they’ve been personally discriminated against or their friends are being harassed and profiled.

    It’s time to show the general public that we will not accept political repression, racist scapegoating, and relentless persecution of the Arab and Muslim sections of the 99%!

    Please come to learn more, show solidarity, and take a stand against injustice on Saturday Feb 25!

    For more information, please visit

    Monday Feb 20: National Occupy Day for Prisoners

    On Monday, February 20, 2012 at 3:00 PM, the Occupy Boston People of Color Working Group, Ocupemos El Barrio, Jericho Movement, and many other individuals and organizations will be taking part in the National Occupy Day for Prisoners. We will meet at 3pm at the North Station MBTA Stop at Causeway St. and Friend St. and then march to the Nashua Street Jail on 200 Nashua Street in Boston. Answering the call from Occupy Oakland, we will stand in solidarity with the people confined within prison walls and to demand the end of the incarceration as a means of containing those dispossessed by unjust social policies.

    *Action agreements for Occupy 4 Prisoners Boston prisoner solidarity march, February 20th:

    * This protest will be a peaceful action. We are creating a space for our entire community, including formerly incarcerated people and their families, to feel free to speak out and build together to take on the prison system.

    *We will not engage in property destruction, civil disobedience, or arrest-able direct action. Many groups participating in this march, including some of the march organizers, the OB People of Color Working Group, Jericho Movement, Ocupemos El Barrio, and other organizations have members who are former prisoners or whose immigration status makes them vulnerable. Please show solidarity with the march and these groups by respecting this request.

    *We are here to march and protest the prison industrial complex. During the march, we will refrain from provoking the police so as not to raise the risk of arrest for those who participate. Any disagreement regarding the direction of the day will be resolved within our community, and not with law enforcement.

    *This march will be safe for people of all backgrounds, creeds, sexualities, genders, races, ethnicities and immigration status.

    *By following these agreements, you are respecting the wishes of those who planned this event and the community taking part in it. Please respect the tactics we have chosen for the march.

    Reasons for this protest:
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    Occupy Boston Passes New Resolution Against Sexual Misconduct

    The following proposal was passed by Occupy Boston’s General Assembly on Sunday, January 8:

    Occupy Boston will not tolerate verbal or emotional or physical threats or acts of sexual violence or sexual harassment against any individual, regardless of gender identity, gender, sex, age, class, race, sexual orientation, or ability.

    From now on Occupy Boston will immediately respond to threats and acts of sexual violence.

    To ensure the safety of all members of Occupy Boston, interested workings groups will create a working protocol as soon as possible but no longer than within 1 month for how to prevent and immediately respond to these acts.

    United American Indians of New England supports OB, encourages Day of Mourning

    On October 8, 2011, the General Assembly of Occupy Boston ratified a memorandum of solidarity with Native Americans and declared Columbus Day to be Indigenous People’s Day. In response, the United American Indians of New England(UAINE) released a statement of support for Occupy/Decolonize Boston. This support for the movement from indigenous people was later followed by support from the American Indian Movement in Minnesota. Below is the UAINE statement, which includes an invitation to refute the Pilgrims’ “Thanksgiving” mythology and instead join the National Day of Mourning for Native Americans. 


    United American Indians of New England (UAINE) supports Occupy/Decolonize Boston and the Occupy/Decolonize Wall Street movement generally.

    We are deeply moved and encouraged that Occupy/Decolonize Boston, as one of its very first actions, issued a memorandum in solidarity with Indigenous peoples.  This country and its immense wealth were founded on the genocide of Native peoples, the theft of our lands and resources, and the enslavement and forced labor of our African sisters and brothers.  We have been the victims of corporate greed for centuries.  If you seek to reimagine a new society free of corporate greed, then we would ask that you learn all you can about the past that has carried us to this place.

    The Occupy Wall Street movement is still forming and evolving. We call upon veteran activists to embrace and nurture this important new development, which is like a precious seedling.  We all have much to learn from each other.  We welcome this convergence of youth and students, People of Color, poor and working people — whether office workers, unemployed people, low wage workers or trade union members —, homeless people, LGBTQ people, disabled people, veterans, immigrants, and people from many other sectors of society.  We are all coming together in shared spaces, to share our anger and despair at current political and economic conditions, to plan direct actions, to learn from and understand one another.  Together, we can forge a new movement that will sweep away all of the corporate special interests that devastate all living creatures and threaten to destroy our beautiful planet.

    We fully support the right of the Occupy/Decolonize Boston encampment to expand from Dewey Square to other parks and open spaces in the city, without the necessity of permits and without fear of police reprisals.

    We invite all involved in Occupy/Decolonize Boston to attend the National Day of Mourning in Plymouth, Massachusetts on November 24 at 12 noon. Every year since 1970, Native people and our supporters have come together to refute the mythology of the Pilgrims and declare the US thanksgiving holiday a National Day of Mourning for Native Americans.  On that day, we mourn our ancestors.  We speak about our history and about current conditions in Indian Country.  We express our solidarity with our undocumented sisters and brothers who are under attack and with others in struggle, from Haiti to Palestine.  And we demand freedom for Native political prisoner Leonard Peltier.  We stand with you now.  Come stand with us on November 24.


    End war and racism!  Honor Native treaties!  Stop the destruction of our Earth!

    United American Indians of New England (UAINE)


    Email: info (at) uaine (dot) org

    Facebook group:  United American Indians of New England

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