Occupy 4 Prisoners, Rally for Tarek Mehanna

Occupy 4 Prisoners National Day of Action
On Monday, February 20, members of Occupy Boston, Ocupemos El Barrio, the Jericho movement, Committe of Friends and Relatives of Prisoners, and others led a protest against the Prison Industrial Complex in front of the Nashua Street Jail. A speak-out across the street from the jail included voices from the Black, Puerto Rican, Muslim, Palestinian, Trans communities and many of the prisoners inside displayed signs saying “HELP” “Free Us” and “99%”. It was a moving experience as the 150 or so protestors raised their fists in solidarity with prisoners, communicating non-verbally with them throughout the protest.
A video and picture slideshow from the event is available here.
Livestream Video from the event is available  here  and also here.
More info on the Feb 20 National Day of Action is available at Occupy 4 Prisoners.

Rally for Tarek Mehanna: Sat Feb 25

2-4pm Boston Common

On Saturday, February 25,  from 2-4pm, members of Occupy Boston will join a rally by the Gazebo on the Boston common for Tarek Mehanna and against the Islamophobia and government-sponsored political persecution that his case demonstrates.

Imagine being in solitary confinement for 856 days and counting.

Why was Tarek Mehanna targeted by the government? Tarek has been outspoken against US foreign policy, specifically in regards to Muslim countries. He has voiced his beliefs that Muslims should protect their religion and their brethren from being attacked. He has worked to raise consciousness about Muslim prisoners like Aafia Siddiqui and to build support for them. He has encouraged others to fulfill their obligations as Muslims to struggle against oppression. In doing so he is seen as an obstacle in the government’s effort to fight Islam by redefining it into a meek, submissive shadow of itself.

By refusing to submit to the FBI’s coercive demands that he become an informant, and by speaking out against US policies, Tarek set an example that the government could not tolerate. The government and top 1%-owned media is persecuting him and countless others under bogus “terrorism” charges and insinuations as part of a broader policy of intimidating and silencing the Muslim community. According to Abdul Malik Mujahid of the Muslim Peace Coalition, Since September 11 2001, and the launching of long-term US wars and military occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq, more than 700,000 Muslims have been interviewed by the FBI, and some 75 percent of young Muslims report that they’ve been personally discriminated against or their friends are being harassed and profiled.

It’s time to show the general public that we will not accept political repression, racist scapegoating, and relentless persecution of the Arab and Muslim sections of the 99%!

Please come to learn more, show solidarity, and take a stand against injustice on Saturday Feb 25!

For more information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/events/141188742666716/