People Of Color Working Group supports preservation of Silver Maple Forest

“We, The People of Color Group of OCCUPY Boston, in solidarity with the entire OCCUPY BOSTON community, extend this invitation to join us for a ceremony to preserve the last standing grove of Silver Maple trees that are slated to be cut down for the “redevelopment” of the Alewife green space into luxury apartments for the benefit of the 1%. This sacred parcel of land is privately owned, yet is accessible to the masses and has a connection with all people who enjoy the natural wild life habitat. Land that was used by the indigenous Americans before their genocide. In protest we will have a ceremony to protect the land consisting of readings, performances and a universal “ohm” that will persist for 15 minutes at the closing. The walk to the sacred trees will begin at 8:15pm. Everyone is welcome to attend and we suggest bringing a flashlight, water, and/or an musical instrument. This is a peaceful protest that is meant to call attention to the gravity of the destruction of this sacred land that holds the last of these beautiful trees. We are asking that you please make every effort to attend this event for the sake of preserving our precious planet.”