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    Resolutions passed at the 12 August 2012 GA

    Booth at the MassCann Boston Freedom Rally

    Occupy Boston rents a booth at the Masscan Boston Freedom Rally on September 15 from noon to 6 p.m. in the Boston Common. It’ll be whatever the SAA decides to use it for. Info Booth is needed. Cost: $150.

    Proposed by John M.

    Passed in the consent bucket (no further discussion after clarification and points of information).

    OB Sponsors the 99% Boston show on unregular radio station for 1 year.

    For the past few months the affinity group producing the “99% Boston” show on OBR’s “working class Wednesdays” has been working towards getting the show to a much larger audience. It’s a show that breaks barriers by allowing people to speak about serious politics and be taken seriously without having to use the vernacular of the upper class. It’s been a place for people who were actually at Dewey Square to share their stories and perspectives. The regulars on the show are people that have also been at other actions such as the anti-NATO protest in Chicago, Occupy Congress, Occupy the Primaries, the mayday action in NYC, and more.

    The show will be moving to the popular online radio station, unregular radio. This provides an opportunity to bring the real occupy stories and perspective from people that lived at the Occupy Boston camp to a much larger audience. We’re asking for OB to sponsor the show for a full year at a cost of $4420. As a sponsor the show would be a constant ad for anything to do with OB.

    Each show is $85. Total asking amount $5000.

    The remainder of funds not going to studio costs go directly to promotions such as flyers, t-shorts, etc.

    Proposed by Metacomet

    Passed by consensus.

    GA Minutes:

    Proposals Passed by the 7 August 2012 General Assembly

    To Reimburse Anarchist Black Cross for Lost Calendars

    The Black Cross sells political prisoner calendars every year as a fundraiser. These were misplaced by the Logistics Tent and by the time they were found, they had lost their value. We lost 20 calendars we had planned to sell for $12 each, for a total of $240. We need this money for our bail fund, operating expenses, and to mail literature to prisoners.

    Proposed by Matt C (for Anarchist Black Cross). Passed in the consent bucket.

    GA Minutes:

    Proposals Passed by the 22 July 2012 General Assembly

    Food Working Group has autonomy over their current funds

    Food group proposes to continue to have autonomy over their funds so they can use their funds to buy food and supplies for S17.

    Proposed by the food working group. Passed in the Consent bucket.

    No minutes available for this GA.

    Funding to Support 20 Hour Street Medic Training in Boston

    The following resolution was passed at the July 14th General Assembly:

    The Occupy Boston Medical Working group proposes the use of $1400 from the Occupy Boston General Fund to pay for flights for three members of the Rosehip Medic Collective to come to Boston to lead a 20 hour Street Medic Training from Friday August 10th to Sunday August 12.

    Proposed by the Medical Working group, and passed by consensus.

    GA Notes:

    Proposals Passed by the 30 June 2012 General Assembly

    Move GA on July 14 to SW Corridor Park

    We will move GA on July 14 to SW Corridor Park at 5 p.m. following the Revolutionary Arts Festival.

    Proposed by Carolyn. Passed in the consent bucket.

    GA on July 10 to be devoted to decisions about future decision processes; cancel GA 7/3 and 7/7

    General Assembly July 10 will be devoted to decisions about what decision-process/es we will use going forward (GA or some other format? Meeting how often and where? Do we need to create a series of meetings to address these issues? If so which and why?) We will make efforts to get as many people who have been associated with OB as possible to that meeting so that the community is well-represented.

    Cancel GAs on Tuesday July 3 and Saturday July 7.

    Proposed by Carolyn. Passed by consensus.

    GA Minutes:

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