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    Action Assembly Declares Solidarity with People of Spain

    The Occupy Boston Action Assembly passed the following solidarity statement with the people of Spain on 7/15:

    The strategic action assembly of Occupy Boston stands in solidarity with the people of Spain as they resist the neoliberal austerity program being implemented now. We recognize that the global financial collapse that has precipitated the debt crisis in Spain and elsewhere is the result of the actions of the global 1%, who have a different set of values from the rest of us. The time is long overdue for people to reclaim control of their lives from this who would see everyone suffer from their greed.

    Consensus reached 7/15 at the Occupy Boston Action Assembly

    Comunicado de solidaridad con el pueblo de España

    La Asamblea de Acción Estratégica de Occupy Boston se solidariza con el pueblo de España y su resistencia contra las medidas neoliberales que le están siendo impuestas.

    La crisis económica global que ha precipitado una crisis de deuda en España y en otras zonas, es el resultado de las acciones de una minoría global, un 1% con un sistema de valores totalmente distintos a los del resto de nosotros. Es hora ya de que los pueblos tomen control de sus vidas de las manos de quienes miran al resto sufrir a causa de su avaricia.

    15 julio. Asamblea de Acción de Occupy Boston

    For more information on the struggle in Spain:

    New Occupy Boston General Assembly Schedule

    Occupy Boston’s July 10 and July 17 General Assemblies were dedicated to answering a series of questions about how OB will make decisions in the future. Specifically: What decision-process we will use going forward? Will we keep the GA or adopt another format? How often will we meet and where? Do we need to create a series of meetings to address these issues? If so, which and why?

    At the July 17 GA, Occupy Boston reached consensus on retaining the GA, but reducing the length and frequency of meetings, and adopting a new meeting schedule. There was general agreement that we needed fewer and shorter GAs and that OB needed to move past this process discussion and focus on more substantial issues.

    Starting immediately, the GA will meet

    • The first and third Tuesday of each month (7-9pm, with possible extension to 9:30)
    • The second and fourth Sunday of each month, at 4pm (in Copley Square, right before SAA, which starts at 5pm)
    • When there is a 5th Tuesday, it will be open for an OB social event.

    The next scheduled GA is Tuesday August 7, at 7pm (location TBD, since Shakespeare on the Common has taken the usual meeting place). Tuesday July 31 is a 5th Tuesday and available for planning an OB social event.

    This proposal was developed through the discussion process, and passed by consensus.

    Proposals Passed by the June 12, 2012 General Assembly

    The June 12, 2012 General Assembly Passed one proposal.

    Statement of Solidarity with SEIU Local 615 by David Lamoso

    Occupy Boston stands in solidarity with SEIU Local 615 as they enter into a struggle for a better contract. They are fighting for better wages, better hours and better access to health care. An injury to one is an injury to all.

    No minutes available for this GA.

    Proposals Passed by the June 16, 2012 General Assembly

    The June 16, 2012 General Assembly Passed three proposals:

    1. S17 Solidarity Proposal

    We stand in solidarity with September 17 day of action called for by our friends and allies in Occupy Wall Street. We join in the call for all occupies from across the nation to converge in NYC on S17 and shut down the Financial District.

    2. S17 Spokescouncil open to all groups interested in participating in the S17 actions.

    3. S17 Funding Proposal

    Proposal to earmark $7000 for the S17 Working Group for outreach and
    transportation. This money will only be spent for materials directly
    related to S17. The S17 WG will be responsible for budgeting and
    creating specific guidelines and priorities. Of the amount allocated,
    $500 will become available before the first meeting for groups making
    promotional materials. The first WG meeting will on 7/7 at 2PM and 2-3
    meetings will be held before spending money.

    GA Minutes:

    Proposals Passed by the June 19, 2012 General Assembly

    The June 19, 2012 General Assembly Passed two Proposals.

    1. Bastille Day Revolutionary Arts Festival July 14, 2012 by Kendra M.

    An outreach event to generate support and publicity for work being done by Occupy Boston. Bastille Day was the start of the French Revolution when revolutionaries stormed the Bastille. This arts event is family friendly and includes an arts exhibit retrospective of the signs, banners, posters, flyers & photos created by OB. There would also be a live band, a lecture on world revolutionary politics and arts projects for adults and children. The location planned is Spontaneous Celebrations in Jamaica Plain. The rental fee is $450 for 3 hours. We need

    2. Proposal to allocate funding for the weekend sites by John Murphy

    Allocate $60 a week including $20-30 for parking and $30-40 for food & supplies

    GA Minutes:

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