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    Proposals Passed During the 14 October 2012 General Assembly

    Location Change for Tuesday 16 October GA

    We’ll have Tuesday’s GA at City Place, which is the transportation building food court. (The transportation building is located at 8–10 Park Plaza, near the Boylston Street T stop).

    Proposed by Carolyn. Passed in the consent bucket.

    Upcoming Proposal

    FAWG has been working on a financial restructuring proposal. Tentatively, we’ll start discussing this proposal during the Oct 28th GA. FAWG plans to make their proposal available on-line, several days in advance of Oct 28th. We also expect the discussion to take place over the course of several GAs.

    GA Minutes:

    Proposals Passed During the 2 October 2012 General Assembly

    Endorse Oct 6th Peace Action

    Occupy Boston endorses the October 6th Peace Action, which is organized by United National Anti-War Coalition, United for Justice with Peace, the International Action Center, Veterans for Peace, and other organizations.

    Proposer: Steve R. (passed in the consent bucket)

    Support Three Days of Action Against AIPAC

    OB supports the 3 days of action against AIPAC on Oct. 13-15.

    Proposer: Rich (passed in the consent bucket)

    Street Theater Reimbursement

    Reimbursement for street theater expenses of $29.

    Proposer: Street Theater (passed in the consent bucket)

    Community Gathering for S17, S30 Debrief

    A Community Gathering at Community Church of Boston be held Monday October 8 to be devoted to a debrief of S17 and S30. Terra will be asked to push this information out. Deb is bottom lining the food.

    Proposer: Aria (passed by consensus pending securing the space at CCB)

    GA Minutes:

    Proposals Passed During the 23 September 2012 General Assembly

    S30 Celebration Funds

    GA allocates $500 or less for S30 spending on a celebration (food, cake, etc.), fliers, street theater, etc. with the understanding that some of this money may instead come from the existing food budget. Receipts will be given for all where possible. (We will pass the hat now and subtract any money gained from the overall allocation. We collected $44.)

    Proposer: Carolyn (passed in the consent bucket)

    Purchase parts for 1000 Buttons

    Inreach will spend $106.95 (or current price) to purchase parts for 1000 buttons.

    Proposer: Inreach (passed in the consent bucket)

    GA Minutes:

    Proposals Passed During the 9 Sept 2012 General Assembly

    Helium Balloons for S17

    $300 for printed ballons to be filled with helium for S17 in NYC.

    Details: Red balloons with white lettering printed with the following four messages:

    2. DEBT
    3. WHO DO YOU OWE?
    4. WHO OWNS YOU?

    A means to inflate with helium will be figured out in NYC during S17. After subtracting the cost of helium, the remainder amount will be used to buy as many balloons as possible.

    Proposed by Aria. Passed in the consent bucket.

    Livestream Equipment Funding

    Using some of the funding previously allocated for the Tactical Proposal (for a new encampment) to replace missing/broken streaming gear in time for S17.


    • Ballpark estimate amount: $400.
    • Using Tactical allocated funds for 2 hotspots which need to be replaced.
    • Because there will be more streamers than usual, 2 battery packs need to be purchased for S17.
    • 4 LiveStream mounts for streamers also need to be purchased to provide more stabilized, professional video.

    Proposed by Rene of the Livestream WG. Passed in the consent bucket.

    GA Minutes:

    Proposals Passed by the 26 August 2012 General Assembly

    S17 T-Shirts

    Proposed: that the S17 travel WG use $250 for t-shirts AND if they can’t afford it, GA will allocate $250 for t-shirts.

    Proposer: Aria
    Passed in the consent bucket.

    GA Minutes:

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