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    Rally at Norfolk Prison to Demand Clean Safe Drinking Water!

    On July 28, 2010, the United Nations (UN) General Assembly declared that every human being has a fundamental right to the access of clean safe water and sanitation (HRWS). This fundamental right is recognized in “International Law through human rights treaties, declarations and other standards.

    The Color of Water Project Endorses This Action and encourages you to support and participate in the caravan and rally!

    Calling all water warriors, human rights activists and community members who have or know families with loved ones incarcerated in Norfolk or any other prison in USNA to join the Clean Water Rights Caravan.

    The caravan will be gathering on Saturday May 19, 2018 1:pm at the Reggie Lewis Center and leaving for Norfolk Prison. We will rally at 2:30pm to demand that the administration recognize and respect each person inside’s human right to clean safe drinking water and sanitation. The right denied them but granted to prison guards and their dogs!

    For more information, please call The City School at (617) 822-3075

    2018 Boston March Against Monsanto – Rally for World Food Justice

    Saturday, May 19
    1pm: Rally with speakers at Park Street
    2:30pm: March

    Shut Down Monsanto!
    No to GMOs! Ban Genetically Engineered Crops & Foods!
    Ban Glyphosate/Roundup! Stop Poisoning the People of the World!
    Ban Monopoly Corporate Patenting of Seeds
    Protect Biodiversity – Defend Organic Agriculture & Small Farmers
    Defend Indigenous Land Rights & National Sovereignty

    Sponsored by: Boston March Against Monsanto Organizing Committee, Boston Food for Activists, Green-Rainbow Party Greater Boston Chapter, Committee for Peace & Human Rights (Park Street Vigil)

    International March Against Monsanto

    Net Neutrality, Internet Privacy and the Public Internet Option

    The battle for net neutrality and internet privacy is local.

    Recently, the ACLU published a report that suggests that, if communities wish to preserve net neutrality and internet privacy, their best bet is to build their own broadband network. Upgrade Cambridge, a grassroots group seeking to persuade Cambridge to build a municipal broadband system, is bringing the author of the report to and hope you’ll attend and spread the word to other net neutrality advocates you might know.

    Upgrade Cambridge and ACLU of Massachusetts Event:

    Public Internet Option, May 16th, 7PM, MIT Stata Center, Room 32-123

    A Better Internet For All: The Public Internet Option Presented by the ACLU
    On May 16th, Upgrade Cambridge and the ACLU of Massachusetts will be hosting a free public event at the MIT Stata Center. ACLU Senior Policy Analyst Jay Stanley will present the ACLU’s recently released report on The Public Internet Option. Like Upgrade Cambridge, the ACLU recognizes the power of community-owned networks in providing a better internet experience. With FCC rollbacks of net neutrality and privacy regulations, growing incumbent telecom monopoly power, and a growing digital divide, it is more important than ever to ensure a better internet for all.

    This event will be a great opportunity to learn more about the power of municipal networks for improving community access, and is free and open to anyone, regardless of their knowledge of municipal broadband. We hope to see you there, and invite you to bring anyone else who might be interested in helping move the city forward towards municipal broadband!

    Event Info: RSVP on Eventbrite
    MIT Stata Center, Room 32-123
    32 Vassar St., Cambridge, MA 02139
    May 16th, 2018

    Anti-Drones Protest May 26th

    Join us to protest the US drone warfare program around the world Saturday, May 26 at noon in Central Square, Cambridge. We will display a drone replica, hold signs of drone victims in Pakistan and speak out against this deadly new form of war, that terrorizes people in many countries. Organized by the Eastern Massachusetts Anti-Drones Network, a task force of UJP. For info, call (617) 776-6524 or write info(AT)

    Join us on May Day 2018!

    May Day 2018

    International Workers Day

    Resist Deportations! Fight Back!

    Immediate Permanent Legal Residence for All Undocumented Migrants!

    Permanent Residence for All in the DACA and TPS programs!

    Tuesday, May 1, 5:00 PM

    Boston Common, Parkman Bandstand

    6:30 March to Copley Square

    The government in Washington and the billionaire class are leading a generalized assault on our lives, rights, and living conditions. The leading edge of this assault today is the stepped-up attacks against migrants. Deportations are accelerating. The war on the poor continues. Student debt stands at over a trillion dollars! As US wars have created massive debt and refugees internationally, the consequences of corporate greed at home have created refugees within our own borders. The recent tax cuts for the rich will be at the expense of our living standards. Get ready for more cuts in affordable housing, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and education. Millions of youth and decent hardworking people are under attack! Join us on May Day where our program will address: Migration, Labor Rights, Systemic Oppression, Threats to Human Survival, and the role of capitalism in the current crisis.

    Cosponsors: Anarchist Black Cross, ANSWER Coalition – Boston, Bay State Red Sentinels, #BecomeUngovernable, Boston Education Justice Alliance, Boston Labor Solidarity Committee, Boston May Day Coalition, Boston Socialist Alternative, Boston Teachers Union, Community Church of Boston, Cosecha Boston, Cosecha Merrimack Valley, CPUSA Boston, Food for Activists, Greater Boston Green-Rainbow Party, Party for Socialism and Liberation – Boston, Refuse Fascism- Metro Boston, Socialist Party – Greater Boston, UAW Local 1596, Veterans For Peace- Smedley D. Butler Brigade, Watertown Citizens for Peace, Justice and the Environment

    Contact us

    Occupy Boston Media <> • <> • @Occupy_Boston