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    Protest Raytheon’s Hypocrisy at the Run to Home Base

    Saturday, September 25th

    8:30 am to 11:00 am

    Massachusetts Ave. across from the Hynes Convention MBTA Station

    This Saturday Raytheon is the lead sponsor of the “Run to Home Base” at Fenway Park, a worthy cause aimed at helping veterans recovering from the wounds of war. Join Veterans for Peace and the Raytheon Antiwar Campaign outside of Fenway Park to protest Raytheon’s hypocrisy.

    Our Message is clear: Veterans’ Health: YES – Raytheon’s War Profits: NO

    Raytheon’s sponsorship of the event is the height of hypocrisy. Wars that have devastated so many hundreds of thousands abroad and many of our own soldiers have enriched Raytheon.

    The company has garnered well over $310 Billion in weapons contracts since 9/11. “The devastating US wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and Yemen are like a giant cash register for Raytheon and the 4 other biggest weapons contractors. That’s why they have spent $2.5 billion on lobbying congress and US presidents since 9/11,” says Paul Shannon, a member of the Raytheon Antiwar campaign in greater Boston. Raytheon’s lobbyists, campaign contributions and personnel in high government offices have helped keep these wars going.

    Please join us at this rally or the one in the afternoon before the Red Sox game. Help let everyone know that Raytheon is no friend of US soldiers as long as it’s in the business of war profiteering.

    “Protest Raytheon’s Hypocrisy at the Run to Home Base”

    S17 – Occupy Boston – @ FANEUIL HALL – CHANGE THE NAME/ OWS 10yr Anniversary

    For Immediate Release:

    Occupy Boston will be occupying Faneuil Hall with The New Democracy Coalition and other advocates on September 17th at 5PM to shine light on the need to change the name of Faneuil Hall. It’s Time!
    We will also be marking the 10th Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street in the most appropriate way. This will be a non-violent protest and will end on Sunday afternoon.

    S17 – Occupy Boston – @FANEUIL HALL – CHANGE THE NAME/ OWS 10yr Anniversary

    Friday Schedule: S17

    • 5PM – Change The Name Rally
    • 7PM Occupy Wall Street 10yr Anniversary
    • 9PM – Speakers and Movies
    • 10PM – Music

    Saturday S18
    10 – Wellness/Yoga/Speaker

    Concurrent Occupy Events

    – We Want Democracy (Occupy Wall Street 10th Anniversary) FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2021 AT 5 PM EDT Free · Thomas Paine Plaza Philadelphia PA –

    – Occupy Los Angeles 10th Anniversary Friday, 9/17 6:00 p.m. General Assembly Los Angeles City Hall (South Steps) –

    SEP 19 AT 8 PM EDT –

    Faneuil Hall is the 7th most visited tourist site in the world, that’s like 18,000,000 visitors per year. It is a 279-year-old market and meeting place once owned by Peter Fanieul, a slave trader. This tourist site was the Auction Block.

    Long ago the property was given to the city of Boston and was named after Peter Faneuil. Today it is described as America’s first mall to tourists, they don’t know that human beings were sold there. Of the 143 businesses housed there, zero are owned by POC according to Kevin Peterson. Bostons previous mayor Marty Walsh refused to even allow a hearing on changing the name of Faneuil Hall. With a mayoral election on the horizon 51% of Massachusetts voters support a name change. It’s Time!

    We invite Boston Mayoral Candidates to take a stand not only acknowledging the horror of Faneuil Hall but to allow the people of Boston the privilege of choosing to no longer contribute to the legacy of slavery.

    This Action is a response to the City of Boston’s failure to accommodate the peoples wishes in allowing for a hearing.

    For more information, visit or email:

    Protest Apple’s plan to put spyware on your phone

    MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 2021 AT 6 PM

    Apple Boylston Street: 815 Boylston Street Boston, MA 02116

    On Monday, September 13, people will join distributed protests at Apple stores across the country to demand Apple cancel its plans to install photo and message scanning spyware on its devices. Apple’s #spyPhone proposal would endanger LGBTQ+ youth, communities of color, sex workers, and other vulnerable populations, while doing nothing to make kids safer.Background: On August 5, 2021 Apple announced plans to include new surveillance features in an upcoming iOS update that will scan all photos uploaded to iCloud Photos, as well as all iMessage images sent or received by child accounts. This sort of monitoring is a shocking departure from Apple’s former commitment to privacy and security for its users. Because these scans happen on the devices themselves, they would bypass end-to-end encryption and establish a new precedent for law enforcement to access information on personal devices. Apple is the only major tech company to take this incredibly dangerous step—but once they do, others may be forced to follow.There is still time to stop this. Apple has already announced that they are delaying the update while they consider the massive amount of feedback they’ve received. We need to show massive opposition and demand Apple permanently abandon its plan to install spyware on our phones Join us to protest Apple and stop the spyPhone!Learn more at event is nonviolent and peaceful. We will have posters and a banner, feel free to also bring your own or just show up in solidarity.We are committed to upholding public health guidelines related to COVID. Please don’t attend if you have any COVID symptoms, and please do wear a mask and practice social distancing. 

    Link to FB Event Page

    Call to Action!

    We’re Occupying Dewey Square Sunday at Noon to feed anyone hungry and make a statement about the end of the Eviction Moratorium. Bring Signs!

    On Thursday night the Supreme Court of the United States ended the Eviction Moratorium putting millions on the path to homelessness immediately. The CDC Eviction Moratorium was to be in effect until October 3rd.

    The United States Census reported that 3.6 million feel they will face evictions at the end of the eviction moratorium. In Massachusetts the Census estimates around 30,000 families feel they are at risk. The Census was only able to count a portion of the population. The actual number may be much higher.

    For many unemployment benefits may be running out soon. Those that are employed are only a couple paychecks away from being destitute.

    Join Us in Dewey Square Sunday at Noon! Bring Food, Bring Signs, Bring Drums, Bring Friends.

    Boston Rally to Stop Line 3

    TOMORROW: Wed. Aug. 25th, 2021 AT 6 PM EDT

     507 Jamaicaway, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

    Sponsored by: 350 Mass for Better Future, Massachusetts Peace Action, United American Indians of New England, 350 Mass Action, No Coal No Gas.

    Join us at Jamaica Pond at 6pm to rally in solidarity with the Indigenous-led movement against the construction of the Line 3 tar sands pipeline. We will be holding a rally and vigil to honor the wild rice, treaties, and ways of life that are being trampled by corporate greed. We will call on the Biden administration, our so-called “climate president,” to end its hypocrisy and use its power to #StopLine3.This event is part of nationwide day of action that includes events in Chicago, New York City, Washington D.C., and St. Paul!Directions: We will be gathering near the Jamaica Pond Boathouse, 507 Jamaicaway, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130.Cover Photo from @Giniw Collective
    Some background:Construction of Enbridge Corporation’s Line 3 pipeline is in violation of official treaties from 1837, 1854, and 1855 — an illegal invasion and occupation of Anishinaabe land. The pipeline will inevitably contaminate wild rice beds, an important food that is sacred to the Anishinaabe people. The workers who construct the pipeline — living in man camps — solicit sex from minors and contribute to the epidemic of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives, Women, and Two Spirit people.Indigenous leaders and water protectors have been brutalized by local police, hired by Enbridge, as they have tried to enforce treaty rights and resist construction. Nonviolent demonstrations have been met with rubber bullets, tear gas, non-lethal pain weapons, and much more. This is but a continuation of repressive settler-colonial policy on behalf of the government of the so-called United States against Indigenous people.Environmentally, the pipeline is a disaster. Enbridge pipelines have spilled over 800 times in 15 years, and the 300,000 people who live downstream of the Mississippi River are at risk. The Line 3 pipeline has already generated 28 frac-outs, where drilling fluid pollutes the rivers. The pipeline’s completion will double Minnesota’s carbon emissions, the equivalent of 50 coal-fired power plants. Tar sands oil, which it will carry, is not the future of energy infrastructure, but a desperate last-ditch effort by a corrupt, entrenched industry whose profit-seeking hurtles the planet and people towards disaster.Find out more here:

    Contact us

    Occupy Boston Media <> • <> • @Occupy_Boston