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    This weekend: Let’s stand up to Scott Brown, Deval Patrick and the Israel Lobby

    This weekend, let’s stand up to the pro-Israel lobby and corrupting influence over American foreign policy and domestic politics.

    Democracy’s nemesis, The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), is coming to Boston for a summit of its 1% donors (only supporters who have more than $3,600 annually can attend!).  AIPAC’s government lackeys – including Deval Patrick and Scott Brown – will be on hand to pledge their loyalty to its agenda of endless war, Israeli occupation and apartheid, and rampant Anti-Arab racism and Islamophobia.

    But never fear, we’ll be there, too, to give AIPAC an appropriate reception: colorful, loud, classy protests, brooms to ‘sweep’ them out of our town. Join us for three days of education and activism as we stand up to the Israel lobby at the Expose AIPAC Summit.  Join us!

    On Saturday, October 13, we’ll gather for a teach-in featuring noted speakers, including Steven Walt, (co-author of The Israel Lobby), Jamal Abdi, Policy Director, National Iranian American Council, Representative Denise Provost, and Kristen Szremski of American Muslims for Palestine. We will meet at the Palestine Cultural Center for Peace at 41 Quint Avenue in Allston, from 3:45-7pm.

    On Sunday, October 14, we’ll bring our message directly to AIPAC and its biggest donors as they convene at the swanky Boston Seaport Hotel,  located at 200 Seaport Boulevard. We will meet at nearby Eastport Park 12pm for a picnic, music, and to get ready for the protest. The protest itself will begin at 1pm.

    On Monday, October 15, at noon, we’ll give AIPAC a “Get Out of Our Town Party” they’ll never forget.

    Why Expose AIPAC?

    With AIPAC-led sanctions on Iran already causing massive hardships for Iranian civilian, the Israel lobby is now drumming up American support for an attack on Iran.  AIPAC has spent millions of dollars to persuade American politicians of the need to support another aggressive war abroad, creating a climate in an election season where politicians are afraid to oppose AIPAC for fear of being denounced as anti-Israel.

    Meanwhile, AIPAC consistently lobbies on behalf of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands, facilitating the transfer of over $3 billion a year from the US government to Israel and ensuring the diplomatic protection that allows Israel to maintain separation walls and the siege of Gaza, and to engage in numerous other brutal methods of collective punishment deemed illegal under international law.

    Shockingly, most of  the American public is not aware that US foreign policy on the Middle East is being largely set in Israel, by way of AIPAC and the larger Israel lobby. Additionally, the Israel Lobby’s promotion of Islamophobia and anti-Arab racism have created an atmosphere in which billions of American dollars can be used to launch wars in the Middle East and to enforce a system of racial apartheid in the Occupied Palestinian Territories without Americans realizing the true human cost of American support for war and aggression.

    It’s time to defy AIPAC and demand an American policy in the Middle East based on respect for human rights and democracy- not on endless war. We refuse to accept AIPAC’s corrupting influence over our domestic politics and its attempts to get America bogged down in yet another war.

    It’s time to Expose AIPAC.

    For more information and a complete schedule of events, please click here.
    You can find the Facebook event here.
    Also, follow us on Twitter! @exposeAIPAC, #exposeAIPAC

    Today: Understanding Wall St. Banking & How Occupy Can Do Better for the 99%

    Join Occupy Boston for a very special GA:

    Understanding Wall Street Banking & How OCCUPY Can Do Better for the 99%

    Saturday, May 12th, 5-6:30 pm,  Occupy Boston General Assembly
    Community Church of Boston, 565 Boylston Street, Boston

    The Occupy movement has been instrumental in exposing the financial system’s complete control of the global economy for the profit of the few. The purpose of OB Bank Working group’s presentation is to develop a common knowledge base about the financial sector and to stimulate ideas and actions for creating financial institutions committed to the public good.

    Confirmed speakers:

    Jim Campen is a professor emeritus of economics at the UMass-Boston. He served from 2007 to 2009 as executive director of Americans for Fairness in Lending, which “exists to raise awareness of abusive credit and lending practices and to promote re-regulation of the industry.”

    Fred Moseley
      graduated from Stanford and has been teaching economics at Mt Holyoke College since 1989. He has taught  Political Economy, US Economic History, Marxism and  written and published numerous papers including analyses of US economic conditions.

    Both speakers are important contributors to Dollars and Sense, a Boston based democratic and non-hierarchical collective of radical economics graduate students and faculty founded  in 1974. Dollars and Sense publishes a blog, books and a periodical devoted to ‘real world economics’.

    Occupy May 1st- A Day Without the 99%

    Worldwide, May 1st is traditionally a workers day – a day of labor solidarity and a public holiday. It’s a day to celebrate and march in support of immigrant rights, worker rights, and human rights. In protest against the corruption of the worldwide marketplace, which has led to illegal foreclosures, mass unemployment, low wages, high taxes and a penalization of all those who do not own the ‘99%’ of the world’s resources, and in solidarity with the immigrant movements of Massachusetts and the world, Occupy Boston is calling for a general strike on May Day.

    On May 1st, Occupy Boston calls on the 99% to strike, skip work, walk out of school, and refrain from shopping, banking, and business for a day without the 99%.

    No work.

    Take the day off. Strike. Call out sick. Small businesses are encouraged to close for the day and join the rest of the 99% in the streets. If you must work – don’t worry – we have actions planned from 7:00am to 8:00pm.

    No school.

    Walk out of class. Occupy the universities. Kick out the administration. Participate in student strike actions or plan your own. It’s your future. Own it.

    Block the flow.

    In the early hours of May 1st, the 99% will converge on Boston’s financial district for a full day of direct action. The “Financial District Block Party” will start at 7:00 am on the corner of Federal & Franklin Streets.

    Banks and corporations are strongly encouraged to close down for the day.

    Be the crisis.

    We ask the 99% to organize in their own neighborhoods, schools, and local centers of commerce. Communities, organizations, workplaces and families are encouraged to organize actions in whatever manner feels comfortable. Picket a “too big to fail” bank in your area. Hold a protest picnic in your town square. You are the one you’ve been waiting for!

    Everyone to the streets!

    We call upon all of the 99% to join in this day of action to demand an end to corporate rule and a shift of power to the people. No work. No school. No chores. No shopping. No banking. Let’s show the 1% that we have the power. Let’s show the world a day without the 99%.

    May Day Schedule of Actions

    Tuesday, May 1, 2012

    7:00 AM – Financial District Block Party: Meet at the intersection of Federal & Franklin Streets in downtown Boston.

    11:00 AM – Anti-Capitalist March from Copley Square to City Hall Plaza

    12:00 NOON – May Day rally at Boston City Hall Plaza / Government Center

    1:30 PM – Solidarity march from LoPresti Park in East Boston to Everett

    3:30 PM – Rally at Chelsea City Hall

    4:00 PM – March to Glendale Park, Everett

    7:00 PM – Gathering at Copley Square Park for the Death of Capitalism Street Theater Funeral Procession

    Participate as a mourner (dress in black), a celebrator (wear neon/bright colors/glow stuff) or be part of the skeleton bloc.

    8:00 PM – Death of Capitalism Street Theater Funeral Procession

    Leaves from Copley Square and travels through areas of wealth and commerce.



    Boston May Day Coalition

    Boston 2012 May Day Actions Schedule (Facebook event page)

    May 1st March / Marcha 1ro de Mayo (Facebook event page)

    May 1st Coalition – Chelsea, Everett, East Boston (Facebook page)

    Financial District Block Party (Facebook page)

    “Death of Capitalism” Funeral Procession (Facebook event page)


    Occupy May First – General Strike!

    May Day Directory: Occupy General Strike In Over 115 Cities

    Occupy Wall Street’s 6 Ways to Get Ready for the May 1st General Strike

    Needs of the Occupiers



    Occupy Boston Artists to Host Night of Conversation & Action Featuring Artist Steve Lambert

    Steve Lambert’s Capitalism Works for Me True/False, currently being shown at various locations in Boston

    Lambert at Occupy Boston in October with one of the many signs he made with Josh Luke

    On April 28, 2012 from 5:00PM to 10:00PM, artists from Occupy Boston will host a gathering with artist and cultural provocateur Steve Lambert. Taking place at Samsøn (450 Harrison Avenue), this event will be an opportunity for Lambert and the greater Occupy community to connect over questions of messaging, humor, culture jamming, and creative activism as the movement heads into the coming seasons. Following the discussion, we will screen the film The Yes Men Fix the World.

    Lambert’s work includes The New York Times Special Edition produced with the Yes Men and many other groups in 2008 and distributed in cities across the US carrying headlines such as “Iraq War Ends,” “Maximum Wage Law Passed” and “All Public Universities to Be Free.” More recently, Lambert’s gigantic, sign/scoreboard Capitalism Works For Me,True/False is touring the country posing a personal question its viewers can vote on.

    The Present Group writes of Lambert’s work, “These bits of provocation get people thinking (and talking) about how they act, what they believe, how they imagine the world around them, and how they imagine it could be.” With the School for Creative Activism, Lambert has taught workshops that infuse creative tactics with traditional community organizing and civic engagement.

    Lambert, along with painter Josh Luke, produced signs for many of the tents in the Dewey Square occupation in October 2010. Intending to produce change, he’s given simple advice for how to do more than “raise awareness” while maintaining a positive attitude. Join us on the 28th as we recharge our creative batteries and rehash the radical. Spring is upon us. There is difficult and enjoyable work to be done, absurd futures to dream up, and important questions to ask ourselves in the next stages of the Occupation. We think art and creative action should play a significant role in the shapes, forms, and modes of communication and performance employed in these next steps.

    BPD Assaults Occupy Boston Activist

    At yesterday’s Mass Tea Party Patriot’s rally on the Boston Common, a Boston police officer choked a member of Occupy Boston, who was there as part of a counter-protest organized by Occupy Boston’s Queer / Trans Direct Action Working Group and a loose coalition of LGBT and Anti-Fascist groups.  Occupy Boston condemns this assault on one of our own and the First Amendment. We demand that Police Commissioner Evans suspend this officer while a full review is conducted to determine further disciplinary action.  We are outraged that a member of the Boston Police Department would assist the Tea Party and Scott Lively by actively working to silence someone who was there to peacefully challenge their virulent anti-LBGT agenda.For a complete first person account by the trans activist who was attacked, please visit

    For more on the Mass Tea Party Patriot’s Rally, please visit

    Photo courtesy of  Paul Weiskel.  To see more of Paul’s photos from the protest, please visit

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    Occupy Boston Media <> • <> • @Occupy_Boston