This weekend: Let’s stand up to Scott Brown, Deval Patrick and the Israel Lobby

This weekend, let’s stand up to the pro-Israel lobby and corrupting influence over American foreign policy and domestic politics.

Democracy’s nemesis, The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), is coming to Boston for a summit of its 1% donors (only supporters who have more than $3,600 annually can attend!).  AIPAC’s government lackeys – including Deval Patrick and Scott Brown – will be on hand to pledge their loyalty to its agenda of endless war, Israeli occupation and apartheid, and rampant Anti-Arab racism and Islamophobia.

But never fear, we’ll be there, too, to give AIPAC an appropriate reception: colorful, loud, classy protests, brooms to ‘sweep’ them out of our town. Join us for three days of education and activism as we stand up to the Israel lobby at the Expose AIPAC Summit.  Join us!

On Saturday, October 13, we’ll gather for a teach-in featuring noted speakers, including Steven Walt, (co-author of The Israel Lobby), Jamal Abdi, Policy Director, National Iranian American Council, Representative Denise Provost, and Kristen Szremski of American Muslims for Palestine. We will meet at the Palestine Cultural Center for Peace at 41 Quint Avenue in Allston, from 3:45-7pm.

On Sunday, October 14, we’ll bring our message directly to AIPAC and its biggest donors as they convene at the swanky Boston Seaport Hotel,  located at 200 Seaport Boulevard. We will meet at nearby Eastport Park 12pm for a picnic, music, and to get ready for the protest. The protest itself will begin at 1pm.

On Monday, October 15, at noon, we’ll give AIPAC a “Get Out of Our Town Party” they’ll never forget.

Why Expose AIPAC?

With AIPAC-led sanctions on Iran already causing massive hardships for Iranian civilian, the Israel lobby is now drumming up American support for an attack on Iran.  AIPAC has spent millions of dollars to persuade American politicians of the need to support another aggressive war abroad, creating a climate in an election season where politicians are afraid to oppose AIPAC for fear of being denounced as anti-Israel.

Meanwhile, AIPAC consistently lobbies on behalf of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands, facilitating the transfer of over $3 billion a year from the US government to Israel and ensuring the diplomatic protection that allows Israel to maintain separation walls and the siege of Gaza, and to engage in numerous other brutal methods of collective punishment deemed illegal under international law.

Shockingly, most of  the American public is not aware that US foreign policy on the Middle East is being largely set in Israel, by way of AIPAC and the larger Israel lobby. Additionally, the Israel Lobby’s promotion of Islamophobia and anti-Arab racism have created an atmosphere in which billions of American dollars can be used to launch wars in the Middle East and to enforce a system of racial apartheid in the Occupied Palestinian Territories without Americans realizing the true human cost of American support for war and aggression.

It’s time to defy AIPAC and demand an American policy in the Middle East based on respect for human rights and democracy- not on endless war. We refuse to accept AIPAC’s corrupting influence over our domestic politics and its attempts to get America bogged down in yet another war.

It’s time to Expose AIPAC.

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