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    Actions This Week!

    Occupy Boston Stands with Workers against “Super Committee” Cuts! 

    11:00 AM, Wed, Nov. 9th, at The Wang Theater
    (270 Tremont St., Boston, MA)

    The Super Committee, which includes MA Senator John Kerry, is meeting behind closed doors to decide how to cut $1.5 Trillion from federal spending by November 23. Cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and other social programs crucial to the 99% are expected to be made by a “committee” appointed by a government bought and paid for by the 1%. Cuts to social services would most severely affect those already most oppressed by the system: the poor, elderly, youth, people of color, LGBTQ… Join the Boston area labor movement to say stop the cuts! Fund jobs and social services for the 99%!

    Labor Co-Sponsors so far include:
    1199SEIU; AFGE District 2; Boston Building and Construction Trades Council; Community Labor United; GALLAN; Greater Boston Labor Council; IBEW Local 2222; IBEW Local 103; IUE-CWA Local 201; MA AFL-CIO; Massachusetts Building Trades Council, AFL-CIO; MA Jobs with Justice; Mass Nurses Association; Mass Teachers Association; NAGE; North Shore
    Labor Council; SEIU Massachusetts State Council; SEIU 888; SEIU 615; SEIU 888; and Western MA Jobs with Justice

    Action! Occupy Boston Stands with Massachusetts Teachers and Parents who say: “Michelle Rhee Gets an F”

    Wed, Nov 9th March from Dewy Square at 6:30 p.m. 

    Rally at 7:00 p.m. at Symphony Hall
    (301 Massachusetts Ave.)

    Rhee-port card grade: F
    √ Disrespecting educators √ Failing students and parents √ Fostering a culture of cheating and test score inflation √ Union busting

    Former Washington Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee is bringing her controversial brand of school ‘Rhee-form’ to Boston. Help us give Rhee an ‘F’—for disrespecting  teachers, failing parents and students and fostering a culture of cheating. Her
    organization, “Students First” places Corporations First, working class kids last.  Stand up to corporate education. Fight for good public education for all!

    Press Release: Worcester General Assembly Consenses on Move of Occupation from Quinsigamond Lake Park to Worcester Common

    Press Release: Worcester General Assembly consenses on Move of Occupation from Quinsigamond Lake Park to Worcester Common

    NOVEMBER 5, 2011


    Contact: Media Group of Occupy Worcester (

    Worcester General Assembly Consenses on Move of Occupation from Quinsigamond Lake Park to Worcester Common

    Worcester, MA, November 5, 2011—Occupy Worcester first attempted to set up an occupation at Worcester Common on October 16 and were met by a large police presence who redirected the occupation to Quinsigamond State Park. The occupation has remained peacefully encamped despite snow, rain, and the difficult logistical challenges of being miles from the center of the city.

    A plan was approved by consensus today—November 5, 2011—to occupy Worcester’s Common, located behind City Hall. It was felt by the General Assembly that Quinsigamond Lake Park has been an excellent boot camp in preparation for taking the Common; however, the Lake Ave location has significant challenges of visibility and accessibility that have prevented more Worcesterites from joining the movement. Occupy Worcester feels that relocating to the historic Common will be better for outreach, organization, communication, and inter-Worcester solidarity.

    Mayor Joseph O’Brien was in attendance at today’s General Assembly, and he told the people that City Manager Michael V. O’Brien does not support occupation of the Common and that anyone who camps will be arrested.

    Gathering will start in Worcester Common at 7:30, with occupation officially set to commence at 8 pm.

    The people of Worcester requests the support of Occupy Boston, Occupy Providence, Occupy Hartford, Occupy Springfield, and all peoples of New England in this action.


    Occupy Worcester is an organization of Worcester-area residents in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement. For more information, visit

    [UPDATE: Please monitor Occupy Worcester’s Twitter feed and livestream for updates and live video throughout the night.]

    Artists Occupy Sunday (11/6) with Undivided: Dewey Square Pop-up Art Show Inspired by Occupy Boston/Occupy Wall St.

    The purpose of tomorrow’s exhibition is to provide an artistic platform to inspire an open dialog about the economic divide in this country, the democratic process as an organizing tool, and the diverse communities that make up the 99%. It is our hope to create an environment where a diverse community of people can gather and begin to dissect the issues and formulate solutions.

    The show will be Sunday, November 6th from 1 pm- 4 pm in Dewey Square at the site of Occupy Boston. At least eight artists are expected to display their work ranging from mixed media, photos, graphic design, and installation pieces.

    The artists have been asked to display work that speaks to any of the following themes:
    This is what democracy looks like.
    We are the 99%.
    This is what economic justice/injustice looks like.

    All are encouraged to visit the sign making tent for access to materials such cardboard, markers, paint, and paper. If you are interested in showing work, have questions, or want more info please email visit or Twitter @occupybostonart

    Alternative Rain Date TBD if needed.

    Paul “Fetch” Carnes and Sydney Sherrell Banned

    The following resolution was passed by consensus by the General Assembly of Occupy Boston, November 3, 2011. It was distributed along with a list of grievances against Paul Carnes and copies of receipts from various transactions paid for with Occupy Boston funds.

    [Download the original packet as a PDF]

    November 3, 2011

    Proposal to Ban Paul (Fetch) Carnes and Sydney Sherrell from Occupy Boston and the General Assembly and from Representing  Occupy Boston.

    Whereas Carnes and Sherrell have previously been banned from the Financial Accountability Working Group (FAWG) for inappropriate handling of funds and unsavory behavior, and

    Whereas Carnes and Sherrell have already been brought before mediation and were asked to cease and desist actions on behalf of Occupy Boston, and

    Whereas Carnes went to Occupy Cleveland, claiming to have been sent from Occupy Boston, and to be a representative of the National Lawyers’ Guild, and attempted to claim vertical leadership there, much like he did here, and

    Whereas Carnes and Sherrell passed out a flyer at camp dated November 2, 2011 that was not approved by the GA, the Media Working Group that issues releases, or any form of consensus with the movement, which read: “Occupy News: Occupy Boston Resolves Legal Dispute. Last night the General Assembly welcomed Paul Carnes and Sydney back to Occupy Boston with open consensus-hands followed by an announcement by the Financial Accountability Working Group (FAWG) of Occupy Boston. The announcement stated that Carnes and Sherell have reached an agreement with members of the financial working group on behalf of Occupy Boston to work out their differences after weeks of a communication break-down and an intensive mediation lead by the attorney David Kelston. Over 150 news articles and blog post were written about this issue alone… When Carnes and Sherell took the stage at General Assembly, it was clear that lessons have been learned, their motives were pure at heart, and they truly care about the occupation… The goal is to unite together and fight for what we believe, in solidarity for the good of us all. Both Carnes and Sherell came to an agreement with Occupy Boston to do just that. All is live and well in Occupy Land,” and

    Whereas Carnes and Sherrell have set up a series of fundraising sites purporting to be for Occupy Boston among other occupations but are not part of FAWG, and

    Whereas Carnes has attempted to remove previously published information about his unsavory activities from the Occupy Boston website, and

    Whereas Carnes and Sherrell have shown repeatedly that they have no respect for horizontal democracy, of the wishes of the General Assembly, and are still attempting to manipulate both Occupy Boston and the people outside of the movement,

    Therefore, this ad-hoc group of concerned individuals propose the General Assembly of Occupy Boston agree by consensus to not allow Paul Carnes to represent Occupy Boston in any capacity. Should Paul Carnes or Sydeny Sherrell attempt to speak for the movement or Occupy Boston again, further releases and proposals will be issued to make it clear they are not representatives of Occupy Boston. We will continue to disseminate this information about Paul and Sydney to the entire global movement including Occupy Together as well as individual occupations.

    Paul Carnes and Sydney Sherrell are also hereby removed, which means they are no longer allowed at Occupy Boston sites.

    [Point of Information/Correction: On the second page of the list of grievances against Paul Carnes, it reads that Carnes forced FAWG to allow him back in as a bargaining chip. FAWG points out that this is not the case, and this is false. See agreement between Carnes and FAWG for more information.]

    One Month Old, Still Going Strong

    We celebrated our one month birthday yesterday with a dance party and cake in sunny Dewey Square! Here’s a video!

    Contact us

    Occupy Boston Media <> • <> • @Occupy_Boston