Friday 11am: Protest against Secure Communities!

Our friends at Centro Presente, the Boston May Day Committee, and many others are taking action to oppose the federal imposition of the anti-immigrant and racist “Secure” Communities program on Massachusetts — despite the express opposition of most communities, the Boston mayor and the governor!

More information, from And – see this blog post from the Mass ACLU.

When: Friday, May 11th at t 11:00 a.m.

Where: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

John F. Kennedy Federal Building

Government Center, Room E-160

Boston, MA 02203.
Say NO! to S-Comm in Massachusetts! *
*For the reunification of immigrant families!*
*Not more criminalization of immigrant families!*


From Ocupemos el Barrio:

Manifestacion encontra de las comunidades segura

Saludos Companeros,

El departamento de Homeland Security decidio implementar unilateral el programa de Comunidades Seguras en MA, aunque el governador se ha opuesto al programa. Esta noticia salio a la luz dos dias atras atravez de un articulo en el Boston Globe que le incluyo abajo, ayer Centro Presente llamo a una reunion de emergencia para responder ha esta realidad. En esa reunion que yo participe, se decidio tener una protesta el dia de manana viernes 11 @ 11am-1pm en las oficinas de ICE donde nosotros tuvimos nuestra protesta en el pasado, el dia 15 de Mayo @ 11am- 1pm (dia en que la ley entra en vigencia) se esta llamando a una manifestacion en las afuera de las oficinas principales de la campana de reelecion de Obama.


At 4pm, join us for another rally:

Justice for Janitors: Union Busting is Disgusting!

Where: 31 St. James St (Arlington St. T station)

Why: this union of janitors is being unilaterally fired from their jobs, to be replaced by an irresponsible private contractor that pays low wages and little to no benefits. Last time we came out 50 people strong, and protested alongside SEIU 615 (and giant puppets!) — join us for what’s next!!