Logistics Will Rent New Storage Space

The following proposal was passed by Occupy Boston at the General Assembly on January 31, 2012:

Logistics proposes a budget not to exceed $450/month (plus fees) for storage. The cost of a 10X25 unit at the storage unit in mind is about $260/month. It is possible that we can get a much smaller unit but we’re still in the process of downsizing our inventory so it may still take some time before we can do that. We hope to downsize significantly before we move.

Once a storage location is decided, we will return to the GA to announce the location, accessibility and final dollar amount for the unit.

Reasons for choosing this location: Cheap for the size. T accessible. This means that more than just K*** and J*****, the people in Logistics with a car, will be able to go get whatever supplies we need at any given moment.

Friendly Amendment: A one-time $200 for moving costs.

Friendly Amendment: Payment will be made with the Occupy Boston Debit Card.