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    Action Assembly Declares Solidarity with People of Spain

    The Occupy Boston Action Assembly passed the following solidarity statement with the people of Spain on 7/15:

    The strategic action assembly of Occupy Boston stands in solidarity with the people of Spain as they resist the neoliberal austerity program being implemented now. We recognize that the global financial collapse that has precipitated the debt crisis in Spain and elsewhere is the result of the actions of the global 1%, who have a different set of values from the rest of us. The time is long overdue for people to reclaim control of their lives from this who would see everyone suffer from their greed.

    Consensus reached 7/15 at the Occupy Boston Action Assembly

    Comunicado de solidaridad con el pueblo de España

    La Asamblea de Acción Estratégica de Occupy Boston se solidariza con el pueblo de España y su resistencia contra las medidas neoliberales que le están siendo impuestas.

    La crisis económica global que ha precipitado una crisis de deuda en España y en otras zonas, es el resultado de las acciones de una minoría global, un 1% con un sistema de valores totalmente distintos a los del resto de nosotros. Es hora ya de que los pueblos tomen control de sus vidas de las manos de quienes miran al resto sufrir a causa de su avaricia.

    15 julio. Asamblea de Acción de Occupy Boston

    For more information on the struggle in Spain:

    General Assembly to Discuss S17 Planning This Saturday

    On June 9, 2012, the General Assembly of Occupy Boston passed the following proposal:

    The agenda for the GA on Saturday, June 16, has been set as follows:

    •S17 solidarity proposal
    Proposed Occupy Boston call for solidarity, participation in S17.

    •S17 spokes council discussion proposal
    Discussion of an existing coordinating body for groups participating
    in the OWS action.

    •S17 funding proposal
    Proposal to set aside OB funds to pay for outreach & travel to NYC.

    This decision-making agenda will happen after announcements, and take
    the place of our regular proposal stack.

    Occupy Boston Announces New General Assembly Schedule

    The following proposal was passed by the General Assembly of Occupy Boston on May 15, 2012:

    General Assemblies will no longer occur on Thursdays, effective immediately. The next General Assembly is scheduled for Saturday, May 19th, and will continue to be held at the previously scheduled time on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Groups and individuals within Occupy Boston are strongly encouraged to be innovative in creating space for the community to come together during the time now free on Thursdays.

    No More Union Busting! Community Picket to Support Janitors!

    Capital Properties, a billion-dollar high-end real estate company, has decided to fire all 20 janitorial workers at their 31 St. James Ave. location in Boston’s Back Bay. They will be replaced by an irresponsible subcontractor that pays lower wages, provides fewer benefits, and offers little job security to its non-unionized employees.

    Rosa, a janitor at 31 St. James Ave. for over 10 years, told the General Assembly of Occupy Boston on Saturday that she doesn’t know how she will support her family of six once she loses her job. Another worker, Claudia said, “I have to provide for my family. My children need food, clothes, and money for school expenses.”

    What does it mean to wonder how you and your family are going to eat next week? The people who are making the decision to fire these workers have not had to answer this question for themselves in a long time, if ever. Instead, they are motivated by greed. Richard Cohen, the CEO of Capital Properties, is the kind of man who has recklessly squandered millions on speculative investments, yet when it comes to the livelihoods of the hard-working janitors who keep his properties clean, he is as coldly calculating as any 1% executive or real estate mogul. This decision shows that Cohen is comfortable with the kind of “success” that comes from exploiting workers and their families.

    If this flagrant act of class warfare goes unanswered, the livelihoods of janitors and workers across the city will be put in jeopardy. Capital Properties is at the forefront of the race to the bottom that seeks to use the down economy as an excuse to strip workers of their hard-earned rights and maximize the profits of those who already own far too much of our country’s wealth.

    We must act now to stop this from happening. Worker rights are under attack. Stand up! Fight back!

    Meet at St. James Ave. and Arlington St. in the Back Bay at 4 pm on Wednesday, May 9 for a raucous picket and rally in support of these workers’ struggle.

    Let Capital Properties know that they cannot get away with this!

    For more information and to spread the word, visit the event page here.

    When Do You Attend General Assembly?

    Occupy Boston is gearing up for summer. First question towards getting ready for the big things ahead: how easy is it to participate in our community decision-making process? To better inform a proposal about when OB holds its General Assemblies, take the very short survey here and offer a point of information on what days the General Assembly can best ensure your voice is heard.

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