Greenway Calls on Police to “Remove the Occupiers” from Dewey Square

Supporters of Occupy Boston recently became aware of a letter from the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy  (RKGC) which calls on the police to “remove the occupiers” from Dewey Square. The patch of land that makes up the square is owned by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, and the RKGC are the stewards of it.

The letter  is dated November 8.

Volunteers from Occupy Boston, the National Lawyer’s Guild, and the American Civil Liberties Union sat down for a meeting to discuss health, safety, sanitation, the Dewey Square Farmer’s Market, winterization, and legal concerns with RKGC executives on November 9. In that meeting, the RKGC made no mention of its November 8 letter, even though the letter clearly calls on the police to “remove the occupiers.” Relations were amicable among all of the  parties present at the meeting.

What this means for the occupation in Dewey Square is now being vigorously discussed.

Mayors Menino and Bloomberg, who have been working together since 2006 on federal gun-control legislation.

Some are saying that no police crackdown is immanent because the letter is over a week old and was written before a Boston judge recently granted a temporary injunction barring the city and police from removing the occupiers. Others are arguing that injunctions will not prevent a crackdown because mayor Bloomberg disregarded a similar injunction to remove the occupiers from Liberty Plaza in NYC, and then got a judge to over-rule an injunction that was to pave the way for the protestors return to the plaza.
The Boston judge who issued the injunction has also ordered a mediation between the City, the BPD, RKGC, and Occupy Boston.
This has posed a difficult question for the occupiers: How does a “leaderless” movement that strives for transparency, openness, and democracy react to a court order to “mediate” (presumably behind closed doors) with forces that have already cracked down on Occupy Boston and have issued a letter calling on the police to “remove the occupiers” from Dewey Square?