Procedures for Workgroups and Individuals to Obtain Funds

On October 15th, 2011, Occupy Boston’s General Assembly reached consensus on the following proposal :

Each Working Group (WG) may request up to $100 a week (defined as Monday through Sunday) from the Finance Accountability Work Group (FAWG) for purchases of items not available through in-kind donations without going through the General Assembly.  For amounts over $100, an Individual or a Working Group must make a proposal directly to GA.

Working Groups need to first register with FAWG in order to receive funds.  The WG fills out a form identifying two or three point people who are selected by that workgroup to make requests for funds on the workgroups’ behalf.

To request funds from FAWG, the requesting WG obtains the request for funds form at the Logistics tent.  This form requires details on the items requested, planned place of purchase, and cost of each item.  (This advance research of the items to be purchased helps ensure that the $100 limit is not exceeded.)  FAWG is open to disburse funds, onsite, daily, from 12:00 to 3:00 PM.

The WG first submits a request form is to Logistics WG, which will try to provide the items requested from its existing stock. If not immediately available, Logistics WG will endeavor to get the same items or reasonable substitutes donated in the next day or two.

If Logistics WG has signed off on items they cannot get donated and must be purchased, the WG brings the form to a FAWG representative during disbursement hours.  Initially disbursement will take place each day from noon to 3:00, currently at the Logistics tent

Receipts and change must be returned to the disbursement representative the next day or that workgroup representative loses their ability to receive disbursements.