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  • December 1st – #NoDAPL Global Day of Action (plus contact address)

    Take action in solidarity with Standing Rock.

    Last night the police and National Guard violently attacked peaceful water protectors at Standing Rock. Police used tear gas, rubber bullets, pepper spray, sound grenades, and sprayed them with water cannons in subfreezing conditions, hundreds of people were injured. Our solidarity efforts are needed now more than ever.

    The financial footing of the Dakota Access Pipeline is in jeopardy if they do not complete the project by January 1st. If this deadline is missed, a majority of the stakeholders with contracts to ship oil through the pipeline will be able to renegotiate or cancel their contracts. This could be devastating to Energy Transfer Partners and the other pipeline companies behind DAPL.

    Solidarity actions are having a measurable impact and Dakota Access is facing a major deadline. With its vulnerabilities exposed, our solidarity efforts are needed now more than ever.

    We are calling for a week of action beginning on November 25th culminating with a Global Day of Action on December 1st. We are asking people to target the banks funding Dakota Access Pipeline and the Sheriff Departments that have been brutalizing peaceful water protectors. Click here to locate a target near you.

    Please help us spread the word about this Global Day of Action by sharing this meme on Facebook and retweeting this image.

    Taking Action Against the Banks

    We are calling for direct actions, demonstrations and other disruptions targeting the banks behind the pipeline. We also ask that people use this date to close their accounts with these banks. Here is a guide on how to close and switch your bank account.

    In August, a group of banks agreed to lend $2.5 billion to Dakota Access. But $1.4 billion of this loan is still on hold until the Army Corps grants the final permits for the pipeline. This means that there is still time for the banks involved in this loan to cut their line of credit.

    TD Bank and Citi Bank are two of the main banks on this loan, but we need to target all of the lenders involved:

    If you are organizing a public action, please register it Find targets in your area using our targets map.

    Pressure Sheriff Departments to Withdraw from Standing Rock

    Sheriff Departments and Police Departments from across the Midwest have sent officers to violently attack and suppress Water Protectors.

    We are calling on these Departments to permanently withdraw their officers from Standing Rock. The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office withdrew after facing protests in Minneapolis.

    Here is a list of Sheriff and Police Departments that have deployed at Standing Rock:

    Morton County Sheriff Department
    Mandan ND

    Michigan City Police Department
    Michigan City, IN
    (219) 874-3221

    North Dakota Highway Patrol
    Offices across North Dakota
    (701) 328-2455

    Hammond Police Department
    Hammond, IN

    Munster Police Department
    Munster, IN
    (219) 836-6600

    Griffith Police Department
    Griffith, IN
    (219) 924-7503

    Anoka County Sheriff’s Office
    Andover, MN
    (763) 323-5000

    Washington County Sheriff’s Office
    Stillwater, MN

    Marathon County Sheriff’s Department
    Wausau, WI
    (715) 261-1200

    La Porte County Sheriff’s Office
    La Porte, IN
    (219) 326-7700

    Newton County Sheriff’s Office
    Kentland, IN

    South Dakota Highway Patrol
    Pierre, SD

    Jasper County Sheriff
    Rensselaer, Indiana

    Lake County Sheriff Sheriff’s Department
    Crown Point, IN

    Laramie County Sheriff’s Department
    Cheyenne, WY

    Wyoming Highway Patrol
    Cheyenne, WY

    Ohio State Highway Patrol
    Columbus, Ohio

    Nebraska Emergency Management Agency
    Lincoln, NE
    (402) 471-7421

    Thank you for all that you do. We looking forward to continuing to build
    with you and making December 1st a memorable day.

    -#NoDAPL Solidarity Team

    Copyright (C) 2016 Sacred Stone Camp, All rights reserved.

    Our mailing address is:
    Sacred Stone Camp
    POB 1011
    Fort Yates, Nd 58538

    Fighting for Our Future: A Panel on Education

    (from Boston DSA)

    Come to this excellent event tomorrow to hear about the recent #NoOn2 victory and what this tells us about how to fight back in the age of Trump and what it means to be a socialist in today’s labor movement.

    Sunday, November 20th from 4-6
    MIT – Room 35-225
    127 Mass Ave, Cambridge


    Barbara Madeloni is president of the Massachusetts Teachers Association.

    Megan Erickson is an editor at Jacobin and is the author of Class War: The Privatization of Childhood.

    Ellen David Friedman is an organizer with the United Caucuses of Rank and File Educators.

    Dan La Botz teaches labor history at the City University of New York and has written extensively on teachers’ struggles in Mexico.

    PLEASE check out to learn about efforts to build a stronger and more progressive teachers union in Massachusetts.

    Trump Protest In Boston


    Wednesday, November 9 at 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM EST
    Parkman Bandstand Boston Common

    Donald Trump is the next President of the United States. We need to immediately start fighting against him. We need to build a movement to fight racism, sexism, and Islamophobia!

    Invite everybody you know.

    – No Border Wall! Stop the deportations of undocumented immigrants!
    – Black Lives Matter!
    – Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline — Green Jobs now! — #NoDAPL
    – Fight sexism, rape culture, and all attacks on women!
    – Fight homophobia and transphobia — Full rights for all LGBTQ people!
    – Tax the super rich like Trump! Fund healthcare for all! Make college free!

    11/09 Boston Stands with Standing Rock

    From Facebook Post

    Due to the events happening at Standing Rock, let’s come together in a peaceful march to bring awareness and to show support to those at Standing Rock.

    Boston Common@Park Street Station to Charles River

    4 to 6 PM

    Over 1000 people signed up on facebook as of Sunday evening!

    Here are some DETAILS for Wednesday’s Boston Stands With Standing Rock:

    • We will meet at Boston Common/Park Street Station for a rally from 4 pm until about 5 pm or so.
    • We will make sure that updates are posted on this facebook event as locations change, so you should check here if you are arriving late.
    • A march will commence between 5 and 5:15 pm, so if you arrive then, you should be able to find the group in the Park Street/ Downtown Crossing general area. But you can check this event page for an update, too!
    • If you are arriving at 6 or later, you can check this event page but it will probably make the most sense for you to plan to meet us over at the Fiedler Footbridge by the Charles River.
    • If you are not on facebook, there will probably be some live tweeters, too. (Hashtag TBD.)

    Please share this page and use the hashtags #NoDAPL, #MniWiconi, #WaterIsLife, #StandWithStandingRock

    Please donate for #noDAPL legal support

    The Red Owl Legal Collective is providing legal support to the #noDAPL protesters. They’d really appreciate it if you could help them out with a donation.


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