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  • Mar 17 – Rally to Defend Climate

    Donald Trump just announced his latest assault on climate: his plan to rollback the federal rules that limit auto emissions.

    The Trump administration is on a path to drive up pollution, asthma, and temperatures so that fossil fuel and automobile executives can get rich at our expense.

    Through it all, our Governor remains silent.

    On Friday, we’ll come together to call on Governor Charlie Baker to denounce Trump’s destructive energy policies and put Massachusetts back on track to meet our own legal requirements to cut carbon pollution.

    Speakers will be announced shortly. AND–our very own giant Governor Baker puppet will answer questions about Trump’s latest moves on climate!

    Co-sponsored by 350 Massachusetts, Mass Power Forward, Green Justice Coalition, Neighbor to Neighbor, West Roxbury Saves Energy, Massachusetts Chapter of the Sierra Club, Mothers Out Front, Climate Action Network, & more!

    Boston Common by the Massachusetts State House
    Friday Mar 17th 5 to 6 PM

    Sat vigil against war on Syria and Yemen

    Next Saturday, March 11, the Park Street vigil on the Boston Common, from 1 to 2pm, will be a speak-out to stop the wars on Syria & Yemen. This is in response to International Hands Off Syria Coalition’s call for international days of action against war and Islamophobia during the week of March 11-19.

    The Pentagon is considering sending more U.S. ground forces to Syria. To justify this military escalation, the demonization of the Syrian Government has been intensified though a new wave of misleading propaganda. The most recent salvo is a sensational yet unfounded report from Amnesty International, which has been broadcast by media outlets around the world.

    In Yemen, the US has long been supporting the Saudi war, which is not only a war against the Houthi movement, but an atrocious war of hunger and mayhem against the population and economy of Yemen

    All of this aggression must end. Join the Committee for Peace and Human Rights and the Hands off Syria Coalition to raise our voices against this violence.

    3/11 ACLU is holding a Resistance Training

    On March 11, the ACLU is holding a Resistance Training. This event will launch People Power, the ACLU’s new effort to engage grassroots volunteers across the country and take the fight against Donald Trump’s policies not just into the courts, but into the streets. We’re organizing grassroots events in communities across the country to watch the livestream together. Please join us!

    When Donald Trump rolled out his first attempt at instituting a Muslim ban, the ACLU beat him in the courts. I hope he enjoys losing, because with the launch of People Power — the ACLU’s new grassroots organizing arm — we’re going to take our fight to the streets.

    So far more than 500 people have signed up to host organizing meetings in every state of the country, but we need more. We need to do something big. Something so big that it sends an unmistakable message about our collective commitment to defending the Constitution, our values, and our future.

    Check the website to host your own event!

    Sign up to learn more about People Power and the Resistance Training livestream on March 11 at 5pm ET. We’ll follow up with you about opportunities to volunteer and attend events near you.

    4:30 to 6:30
    Community Church of Boston
    565 Boylston St. Copley Square (above the Globe Restaurant) Boston
    Copley Square or Back Bay T stops

    Register for the event at

    Any questions please contact the ACLU at Contact us at info(AT)

    General Info about the Church

    Our Money, Our Communities

    Our Money Our Communities

    Boston Action Groups Meetup Saturday February 25th

    Boston Action Group Meetup

    Saturday, February 25th

    First Parish in Cambridge
    3 Church Street, Harvard Square
    Cambridge,  MA 02138


    We created this network in response to the election. The purpose of these groups is to gather people locally to commit to action items on a range of progressive issues.

    To date people from all 50 states and over 150 cities have begun to participate. The response has been massive and inspiring. We want you to participate as well.


    At the meeting we will offer concrete actions you all can take. But more importantly, everyone who wants to will get an opportunity to offer concrete actions of their own. Once we have a list of action items, we will organize groups by action areas with concrete, focused aims. If you already have an organization in place, GREAT! Come tell us about it and sign people up to your group.


    People from all over the region, all walks of life, backgrounds and professions. Please INVITE FRIENDS who you know who want to get active. PASS THE WORD. Everyone is welcome, but please let us know if you plan to make it – RSVP HERE:

    If you would like VOLUNTEER to help with setting-up and running the event, please email Autumn at autumn(AT)

    – Gregg

    Contact us

    Occupy Boston Media <> • <> • @Occupy_Boston