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  • National Bird: Drone Wars – July 18, Central Sq.

    Why is our government killing thousands of people around the globe they can’t even identify?

    See National Bird, a film about the secret US drone assassination program.
    Central Square Library
    45 Pearl St, Cambridge
    Tuesday, July 18, 2017 , 7 pm

    Directed by Sonia Kennebeck, this powerful documentary follows the dramatic journey of three whistleblowers who are determined to break the silence around one of the most controversial current affairs issues of our time: the hidden U.S. drone war, which has escalated under President Trump.

    Plagued by PTSD and guilt over participating in the killing of thousands of faceless people, including children, they courageously decide to speak out publicly, despite the possible severe consequences. The film also interviews people on the ground in Afghanistan whose families and lives have been shattered by the deaths and lost futures of those who have been injured and terrorized by drones.

    After the film there will be a short discussion with suggestions of things we can do to stop this immoral and indefensible form of warfare.

    Refreshments will be served.

    Sponsored by Eastern Massachusetts Anti-Drones Network, a task force of UJP (United for Justice with Peace), (617) 776-6524.

    Co-sponsored by Mass Peace Action, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Veterans For Peace, Smedley Butler Brigade

    10th Annual Anti-Imperialist Picnic

    Anti-Imperialist Picnic Tuesday July 4th. Noon to 4 PM (A tradition since 2008)

    Are you sick of all those boring July Fourths you’ve suffered through? Too much red, white, and blue? Have you had enough of that July 4th American jingoism? But you still do love grilling and relaxing with friends, don’t you?

    Well then, the Anti-Imperialist Picnic is for you! On July 4th at noon to 4PM come on out to the Allston Brighton riverside. It will be right next to the canoe and kayak rental place.

    Here are detailed directions.

    Potluck We will be grilling many things like hamburgers, hotdogs.There will be food and drink for all! If you can please bring food, drinks, footballs, Frisbees, or other things to share. Vegan food a plus!

    People will meet up to have a picnic and NOT partake in the July 4th spectacle. We meet on this day to say NO to the U.S. government’s imperial intentions, its war on working people worldwide, and its exploitative economic system. We come together to show solidarity with people who are fighting against capitalism, colonialism, imperialism, patriarchy, xenophobia, and all other forms of oppression!

    For many years radicals have come out on this day to relax with friends and comrades and to show our opposition to the imperial intentions of the US government.

    Directions: Head west on Soldiers Field Road. The Charles river will be on your right. After the Eliot Bridge, look for the first parking area to pull off the road. We will be near the Kayak rental area.

    If you are coming by public transportation, take bus 70 to Western Ave. and Everett St. It’s about a 10 minute walk. Go down Everett St and turn right at Soldiers Field Road.

    It’s about 1.3 miles from the Harvard Square T stop
    Here’s a map:

    Facebook Link

    Justice 4 Philando and Terrence Coleman! Jail the killer cops!

    Justice 4 Philando and Terrence Coleman! Jail the killer cops!

    Hosted by Mass Action Against Police Brutality

    Wednesday, June 21 at 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM EDT

    Park near Dudley Station

    Washington St, Roxbury, Massachusetts 02119



    Enough is enough Justice for Philando Castile Terrence Coleman and all victims of police brutality!

    After 5 days of jury deadlock, the jury delivered a not guilty verdict in the murder trial of officer Jeronimo Yanez who killed Philando Castile in a car with his daughter in the backseat. The shooting was broadcast live on Facebook and was one of the highest profile cases of 2016.

    This non-indictment comes on the heels of injustice delivered on every other hi profile case of 2016. The recent not guilty verdict of Tulsa officer Betty Shelby in the Terrence Crutcher case in Tulsa, OK, the Department of Justice non-indictment in the Alton Sterling case in Baton Rouge, LA, and the earlier non-indictment in the Keith Scott case in Charlotte, NC. All of these murders were captured on video.

    In Boston we continue to expose the cover-up and murders by the Boston police and other agencies. We demand the immediate arrest and indictment of Boston police officers Kevin Finn and Garrett Boyle for the murder of Terrence Coleman. We demand to conviction of ex-MBTA officer Jennifer Amyot Garvey for felony assault of Roxbury resident Mary Holmes and filing a false police report. We demand the reopening of the case of the shooting of Usaamah Rahim by the Joint Terrorism Task Force of the FBI and the Boston police department.

    Call for Safe Communities on Monday

    (from the MIRA Coalition)

    ACTION ALERT: Call for Safe Communities on Monday! Please share with your networks – want an overwhelming show of support

    Hundreds of people are at the State House today to show their support for the Safe Communities Act, which has a hearing from 10 am to 3 pm before the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security.

    The powerful testimony from mayors, legislators, and a broad swath of civil rights, social justice, health, faith, education and community-based organizations, combined with the sheer number of supporters, is making a real impact.

    Now we need your support to keep the pressure on our legislators.

    On Monday, June 12, we want to flood legislators’ offices with calls in support of the Safe Communities Act. So we’re asking you to call your state Representative and your Senator, even if they’ve already endorsed the bill.

    If you need help sharpening your message, check out our online resources. And if you don’t get a live person, leave a voicemail with your name, address, and your message of strong support for the Safe Communities Act. Urge your legislators to persuade undecided colleagues as well.

    And spread the word! Please share this message with your networks over the weekend. At the very least, encourage five friends or relatives to call as well!

    If you don’t know your legislators, find them here. Make sure to add them to your address book for easy reference in the future!

    Last, but not least, if you want to know just how much we have to be proud of in our Commonwealth, see the tsunami of live-tweets coming out of the Safe Communities Act hearing: #SafeCommunities.

    March For Truth – Sat June 3rd

    Saturday June 3rd
    Boston Common

    From the event page:

    Gather on Boston Common to join sister rallies from across the country in peaceful demonstration on Saturday, June 3rd. Join with other concerned citizens to RECLAIM OUR DEMOCRACY, to advocate for restoring integrity to its institutions, and to protest the Trump administration’s dangerous, destructive policies and actions.

    As events progress in Washington, we’ve updated our Mission Statement:

    We call for a #MarchForTruth to raise our voices and let our elected leaders know that Americans want answers.

    The legitimacy of our democracy is more important than the interests of any party, or any President. So, we will rise together to call for a complete, fair and impartial investigation, for the pursuit of truth, and for the restoration of faith in our electoral system and the Office of the Presidency.

    Across the country, peaceful demonstrations will be arranged on Saturday, June 3rd.

    – Yes, a special counsel is in place, but that’s just a start; the battle is far from over to get to the bottom of this investigation.

    – We still need an independent commission with subpoena powers. The bombshell news that Robert Mueller has been appointed by the Department of Justice to serve as Special Counsel on the Russia investigation comes after a “cascade of damaging developments for Mr. Trump in recent days,” as the New York Times reported. But as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi put it, “A special prosecutor is the first step, but it cannot be the last. Director Mueller will still be in the chain of command under the Trump-appointed leadership of the Justice Department. He cannot take the place of a truly independent, outside commission that is completely free from the Trump administration’s meddling.”

    – And Congressional investigations must continue. As Rep. John Conyers, Ranking Member of the House Committee on the Judiciary noted, “the appointment of a special counsel does not relieve Congress of its responsibility to conduct oversight of the Trump Administration.”

    – The gravity of this situation is profound. The sovereignty of our nation was attacked to elect a man who is a threat to the rule of law. There are criminal investigations, and investigations into matters of national security, that must be completed to restore our faith.

    – The culture of deceit that surrounds Donald Trump and his associates must be dealt with urgently. If this man was elected in part by colluding with a foreign power, then we must know it. We must know if our government is legitimate. For if it is not, then we must right that wrong. We must restore trust, in our government, and in one another.


    – An independent commission must be established and Congressional investigations should be properly resourced and pursued free of partisan interests;

    – As much information should be made available to the public as possible, and as soon as possible;

    – If crimes were committed or if collusion is discovered, it must be prosecuted.

    – Congress must compel Donald Trump to release his tax returns to clarify any foreign obligations


    *Note: By choosing to attend this event, you are acknowledging the risks involved, and you are committing to participate nonviolently and in accordance with the law, and to work to de-escalate confrontations with opposing persons or others. You agree (i) not to engage in any act of violence or violation of any applicable law and (ii) to obey the orders of authorized event marshals and law enforcement authorities.

    Contact us

    Occupy Boston Media <> • <> • @Occupy_Boston