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  • The Not Above The Law protest is ON

    March For Truth – Boston announces:

    The Not Above The Law protest is ON for TOMORROW, Thursday, Nov. 8, 5:00pm, at Boston Common (across from the State House)! Trump crossed the line today when he forced Sessions out and put a crony in charge of the Mueller investigation. This is a peaceful though spirited rapid response rally, with more details to follow later tonight and into tomorrow. Get your posters and chants ready, and prepare to raise your voices and stand up for democracy! Also, sign up at our Facebook event page, and please help spread the word! Thank you…

    Ollin Solidarity Caravan: Freedom of Movement Is a Human Right

    No Borders, No Walls, No Prisons! We will not be complicit!

    Ollin is the Nahuatl word for movement and everyone has the right to move whether it be because of political, economic or corporate violence, oppression, racial or sexual discrimination, environmental catastrophe or circumstances, to connect with family and friends, or just because they have the desire to do so. We will gather outside immigration court to participate in a vigil; a land honoring ceremony; dance, drumming, and music; to say the names and share the stories of those on the migrant caravan being stopped by armed military, borders and walls, along with those facing ICE violence and imprisonment right here in Boston. We will stand against the threat to birthright citizenship and for the right for our community to obtain driver’s licenses. We will insist that all relationships with ICE be severed and for permanent protection for all. Afterwards we will form our own “Solidarity Caravan” and move through the streets to South Bay Detention Center to deliver our messages and well wishes to those being held inside and demand that Sheriff Tompkins ends the ICE contract!

    Sat. Nov. 17th Noon to 3 PM
    JFK Building Government Center Boston

    Hosted by Cosecha Massachusetts and endorsed by the Boston Mayday Coalition

    Sin Fronteras, Sin Muros, Sin Prisiones! ¡No seremos cómplices!

    Ollin es la palabra Náhuatl para movimiento y todos tienen derecho a moverse, ya sea por violencia política, económica o corporativa, opresión, discriminación racial o sexual, catástrofe ambiental o circunstancias, para conectarse con familiares y amigos, o simplemente porque tienen el deseo de hacerlo. Nos reuniremos fuera de la corte de inmigración para participar en una vigilia; una ceremonia de homenaje a la tierra; danza, percusión y música; para decir los nombres y compartir las historias de aquellos en la caravana de migrantes detenidos por militares armados, fronteras y muros, junto con los que enfrentan la violencia y el encarcelamiento de ICE aquí en Boston. Nos enfrentaremos a la amenaza a la ciudadanía por derecho de nacimiento y al derecho de nuestra comunidad a obtener licencias de conducir. Insistiremos en que todas las relaciones con ICE se rompan y para la protección permanente de todos. Luego, formaremos nuestra propia “Caravana de Solidaridad” y nos moveremos por las calles al Centro de Detención de South Bay para entregar nuestros mensajes y buenos deseos a los que están retenidos en el interior y exigir que el Sheriff Tompkins finalice el contrato de ICE!

    Rally to support of caravan of Honduran immigrants

    Centro Presente, Lawyers for Civil Rights and the Brazilian Worker Center stand in solidarity with caravan of Honduran immigrants.

    We call for the governments of the region to respect the human rights of migrants, members of the caravan and of all those people who are forced to migrate as a last option to survive.

    We reiterate that there continues to be a series of structural factors such as poverty, inequality, violence and social exclusion, which act as the main factors in the expulsion of people from their countries of origin. The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) said in a report earlier this year that Honduras is the poorest country in Latin America.

    State House Boston Wed. Oct 24th
    6 to 7 PM

    Honk! Oct 5th – Oct 7th

    HONK! Festival: 13th annual fest of activist street bands, this year totaling 28 plus with a wide variety of musical/activist events scheduled.

    Going on thirteen years strong and remaining intense, the HONK! Festival’s game plan was initially conceived and implemented pop-up style in Somerville. Turns out, it was a great idea, which now has not only catapulted the creation of similar festivals across this land and beyond, it has also inspired rally organizers everywhere to engage HONK!-style bands when planning urgent street gatherings to effect positive change.

    This year the HONK! bands total 28+, with the majority coming from across the US & Canada. Visit for this year’s list of participants.

    If the rallying cry is for spur-of-the-moment action, no worries, since there just may be a HONK! band close by to pep up the rally a notch or three. Part of the beauty of the HONK! concept is that it has inspired musicians and would-be musicians, many of whom are not geared to parading in the streets, into modifying how they approach their style, so they too can pick up and go. Wearable drum kits, backpack amps, melodicas galore. Where there’s a will to act musically, there’s a way to do it pro-actively. Any New Orleans street musician can serve as a role model.

    HONK! means serious business when it comes to waging peace and social justice, but the HONK! vibe also brings fun to this equation. By disturbing complacency, a rousing brass and percussive spectacle is impossible to ignore. HONK! builds community, encouraging participation by way of rambunctious music, uninhibited dancing, wild costumes, and evocative visual street art.

    For complete information and continuous updates on the HONK! Festival and the many activities planned, visit,, and

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