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Please complete this form if you wish to have the Occupy Boston Media Working Group either announce or cover your event, action, or news item. All requests are subject to review by the Occupy Boston Media Working Group, which will ultimately determine what kind of announcement(s) or coverage are most appropriate.

Please keep in mind that items not received in a timely manner may not get announced or covered! We need at least:

10 days for a Press Release
7 days for Interviews/Livestream/HD Video/Photography
5 days for a Blog Post
5 days for a Mass Text

-- OB Media WG

Note: If your event is a "high risk" action, please contact a member of Occupy Boston's Media Working Group privately instead of using this form.


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Note: All blog postings are automatically listed on the official Occupy Boston Facebook and Twitter accounts at least once.

If you'd like to request an entry in the Occupy Boston Calendar, please use this form.

Is this for an emergency action and/or in response to a quickly developing situation?

Note: Please be judicious in labeling anything as an emergency! We understand that your event might be extremely important to the movement, but this label is only intended for extremely urgent situations such as police raids.


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Note: The opening paragraph of your description should contain: who, what, when, where, and why. The main body should include any and all relevant information regarding the event/action/news items and why it should be of interest to the general public. If possible, please try to include quotes from those involved as well as any appropriate experts!

Purpose of The Event and/or Anything Unique About The Event

Additional Co-Sponsors

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If Not, How Much Will The Event Cost?


Please indicate if you would like any of the following at your event:

A member of the OB Media WG to receive/coordinate press interviews
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HD Video
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Disclaimers: The Occupy Boston Media Working Group is not responsible for creating individual Facebook events or updating your working group’s wiki page. The Occupy Boston Media Working Group cannot guarantee that the mainstream press will publish your press release.

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