Bisexual Resource Center of Boston Stands in Solidarity with Occupy Boston


The Bisexual Resource Center of Boston stands in solidarity with Occupy Boston for their tenacity in fighting for recognition concerning a host of inequality issues that affect all Americans.

As a specific demographic that has labored hard for sheer recognition in a society that frequently considers us invisible or illegitimate despite our presence (according to a recent study, bisexuals actually represent more than half of the entire LGBT population) and having fought for our voices to be heard, we are also the 99%.

We are all affected by unjust systems perpetuated by a minority of individuals and corporate interests tainting our democracy, and the BRC stands with the Occupy Boston protestors as they seek to raise awareness of the issues, and create conversation concerning solutions.

The BRC and its supporters represent a diverse range of views, but as an organization committed to doing the same, we all stand for the right to be heard and propose changes in the name of equality and justice.

For over 25 years the BRC has represented bisexual people and built bridges for civil rights within the larger LGBT community and its allies. The term “bisexual” (although there is more than one term in use depending on preference) is an umbrella term for people who recognize and honor their potential for sexual and/or emotional attraction to more than one gender.

For more information about bisexuality and the mission of the BRC, please visit our website: