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    Community Non-Violent Direct Action Trainings

    Inspired by the Occupy movement these trainings are part of a community capacity building effort in the Boston area. The trainings will be facilitated by members of the New England Trainers Network, Alliance of Community Trainers and the Health Justice Working Group of Occupy Boston. The aim is to build the skill sets and confidence of community groups and activists in doing NVDA. Please sign up ahead of time for the trainings to help the trainers plan.
    Phone: (617) 971-8753
    Saturday December 17th Also 10am to 5pm :: Non-Violent Direct Action: History, Street Tactics, Planning, Strategy, Legal, Affinity Groups and More! Full day training
    Location: Community Church, 565 Boylston Street, Boston

    Saturday December 17th – 5:30pm :: [MOVIE] This is WhatDemocracy Looks Like
    In 1999 mass demonstrations and coordinated direct actions in Seattle, WA shutdown the WTO ministerial meeting and spring boarded the US anti-globalizationmovement.
    Location: Community Church, 565 Boylston Street, Boston

    Sunday December 18th – 11pm – 4pm :: Direct Action Strategy and Action Planning – Digging a little deeper.
    Location:  Spontaneous Celebrations 45 Danforth Street  Jamaica Plain, MA 02130-1847

    Monday December 19th – 6:30pm :: [MOVIE] The Take 6:30A film by Avi Lewis and Naomi Klien, The Take is a film about  thirty unemployed auto-parts workers who walkinto their idle factory, roll out sleeping mats and refuse to leave.
    Location: Community Church, 565 Boylston Street, Boston

    A Quick Update

    See the  Live Tweet History of the Occupy Boston Raid!!

    Transcript of last night’s General Assembly can be viewed here.

    Please join us at GA tonight, Sunday, at 5pm on the Common. It will be livestreamed and live-tweeted by @DeweyGA (overflow @DeweyGA3).

    Future GAs may take place indoors – help us find a location.

    Stay connected! OB Radio is here.

    Now, more than ever, we are mobilizing — join and volunteer!! Text @occupyboston to the number 235-59 if you’d like to be added to the mass text system. In addition, you can then text your name, number, and email address to be added to a list of volunteers.

    Occupy Boston will attend mediation with City, BPD, and Rose Kennedy Greenway

    Tonight General Assembly ratified OB Legal’s proposal to send three Occupiers to the mediation ordered by the Court’s ruling on our Injunction some days ago. This mediation will take place before the Dec. 1 preliminary hearing on Occupy Boston’s right to remain in Dewey Square.

    The three Occupiers “temporarily empowered” to represent Occupy Boston will be accompanied by lawyers from the National Lawyers Guild in a mediation with the City, Boston Police, Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy. NLG Lawyer Ben Wish read Legal’s proposal, “We recognize that it is impossible to have any small group of our community represent the interests of our entire community but it is necessary for the immediate and long-term survival of Occupy Boston that we as a GA temporarily empower a small group to engage in that mediation… Court-ordered mediation is a necessary step.”

    The GA agreed to choose three of its dedicated members, Jennie Seidewand, Kristopher Eric Martin (known as Eric), Michael Alex Ingram (known as Alex) to mediate with the City, BPD, and RKG. These Occupiers reassured the GA that they will not make any binding decisions within the mediation without going to the GA first. NLG Lawyer Ben Wish told GA that either he or Howard Cooper will also be at the mediation, and will be able to find out more about the specific people representing each side at the table. Legal Working Group’s Proposal, read in its second-round, amended form by Eric Martin, included the stipulation that the OB mediators will be bound by consensus process in all decisions at the mediation. More details to come, on this historic moment for the Occupy Movement.

    Occupy the Courts!

    Many thanks to @caulkthewagon for live-tweeting and @profpoole for live transcription.

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