Protest Apple’s plan to put spyware on your phone


Apple Boylston Street: 815 Boylston Street Boston, MA 02116

On Monday, September 13, people will join distributed protests at Apple stores across the country to demand Apple cancel its plans to install photo and message scanning spyware on its devices. Apple’s #spyPhone proposal would endanger LGBTQ+ youth, communities of color, sex workers, and other vulnerable populations, while doing nothing to make kids safer.Background: On August 5, 2021 Apple announced plans to include new surveillance features in an upcoming iOS update that will scan all photos uploaded to iCloud Photos, as well as all iMessage images sent or received by child accounts. This sort of monitoring is a shocking departure from Apple’s former commitment to privacy and security for its users. Because these scans happen on the devices themselves, they would bypass end-to-end encryption and establish a new precedent for law enforcement to access information on personal devices. Apple is the only major tech company to take this incredibly dangerous step—but once they do, others may be forced to follow.There is still time to stop this. Apple has already announced that they are delaying the update while they consider the massive amount of feedback they’ve received. We need to show massive opposition and demand Apple permanently abandon its plan to install spyware on our phones Join us to protest Apple and stop the spyPhone!Learn more at event is nonviolent and peaceful. We will have posters and a banner, feel free to also bring your own or just show up in solidarity.We are committed to upholding public health guidelines related to COVID. Please don’t attend if you have any COVID symptoms, and please do wear a mask and practice social distancing. 

Link to FB Event Page