New machines 2016 – 5 best free slots

It is hard to abandon the unusual, first-class spending time with the best representatives of the gambling world. New slots are ready to make a sensation, inspire and please the most demanding fans of the free game.

Rating machines – exciting plots and the maximum of novelty

Visitors to online casinos can not stop wondering at the wide assortment of slots that the developers gave in 2016. The machine guns have already won world recognition, conquered a lot of gamers, replenish their army with new gamblers. Site team have prepared a list of the best casinos where you can find the most popular slots. Some automata tell of the legendary historical events, others differ by frantic graphics. Any slot can be turned on in demo mode, run the car for free. For demanding visitors to gambling portals it is suggested to test:

  • The unique and colorful graphic design of Dragons Pearl will suit the tastes of a finicky fan of adrenaline. The machine is ready to introduce the player to the great oriental dragon, which generously gives gold coins and ingots.
  • Rating machine Gorilla prepared a promising trip through the impassable jungle. Connoisseurs of the wild must test the possibilities of the new creation of the developers absolutely free of charge.
  • To learn the true wisdom and mystery of the ancient Indian people will offer the apparatus of the Indian Spirit. Extreme adventures will give an unforgettable trip by canoe, will acquaint with wild animals, and free drum rotations provide excellent mood.
  • Gold seekers of the treasures of the disappeared civilization choose Diego Fortune. Here you can test your own luck, endlessly rotate the drum, start on a free basis. Risk and loss are excluded, so the absence of a winning combination will not affect the player’s finances in any way.
  • To know the value of wild west culture is within the power of anyone who chooses a Dead or Alive. The novelty of 2018 will bring a lot of pleasant impressions, will surprise with the availability of bonuses, free spins, automatic play.

It is not difficult to discover the amazing possibilities of gambling machines. Suffice it to choose a suitable platform, choose a new device, start the drum to open the door to magical adventures. In a few seconds, symbols begin to appear, the combination of which can make a normal player not only happy, but also give a solid virtual state.

Demonstration Benefits

Round-the-clock access on a confidential basis, lack of investments and risks – three fundamental factors that motivate new players to cross the threshold of virtual entertainment venues. Unlimited amount of pleasure will be enjoyed by all who want to have an extreme time, to feel the thin cold running through each cage, to anticipate the victory.