The riseup birds need your help


From a recent edition of riseup’s newsletter

We hate to be bad news birds, but we need to tell you that Riseup will run out of money next month. We had a number of unexpected hardware failures, lower-than-expected regular donations, and a record year of new Riseup users which puts more financial pressure on us than ever before.

As a list owner, can you help us keep your list alive this year?

We need your help to keep things going this year, so we are starting a campaign to ask Riseup users to give us just one dollar!

Can you give us a dollar? There are a lot of easy ways to do it:

Is it really worth giving just a dollar?

Yes! It might seem inconsequential, but if you and every Riseup user gave us just one dollar, that would fix our current financial problem.

Riseup is providing list service to 7.5 million list subscribers, if we can get just a small fraction of that to give a dollar, it would fix our current financial crisis, but we need your help if the messages are to keep flowing.

If we cannot raise enough money to keep things going, we will no longer be able to host your list. Tell your list that we need them to give us just a dollar to keep the list alive. We don’t need a lot, just enough to keep things going!

(Riseup provides email and mailing list services to many activist groups. They also run