– Moving Forward in 2016

Corporations are not People. Money is not Speech.

UPDATE – PMA Files INITATIVE PETITION to the Office of MA Attorney General

PMA has, once again, filed a statewide ballot initiative to the Commonwealth for this year’s petitioning period which begins mid-September and extends for 9 weeks, until mid-November. PMA needs ALL HANDS ON DECK to collect and submit the required number of certified voter signatures on the petition from all over this commonwealth, in order to challenge money in politics and corporate infringement on individual rights.

Be a part of the petition drive by contacting us here: PassMassAmendment (AT)



We’ve heard Bernie say it, the Donald say it, Jill say it, and Hillary say it!


We know that YOUare as passionate about getting BIG MONEY OUT of POLITICS as we are; and NOW, we are asking YOU: showyour passion and join the effort!HELP PMA this September, October, and November! PassMassAmendment (AT)

PassMassAmendment is working to amend clarify the Massachusetts Constitution based on “Corporations are not People, Money is not Speech”. We consider our effort as a start in the process of getting the corrupting influence of corporations and big money out of the political process to restore a system in which the People’s voices are heard and acted upon.

PassMassAmendment has a two pronged approach. 2016 will be the fourth year of our both promoting a statewide ballot initiative (for which the number of signatures gathered has increased by 50% each year) and concurrently advocating for two legislative bills in the MA State House (which are based on PMA’s petition language.)

PassMassAmendment considers each petition signature gathered for the citizen ballot initiative to put added pressure on the State House to move forward on either a citizen or legislative Amendment to the State Constitution. Sign up to help – PassMassAmendment (AT)

If you are currently on the Announcement List and wish to get more
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Next PMA Monthly MeetingSunday, August 14, 2016, 1:30-4:30PM,
Watertown Public Library,
Mastrangelo Room, 123 Main St., Watertown, MA (MBTA & Free Parking)

End of August PMA 2^nd Meeting
Sunday, August, 28, 2016, 1:30-4:30PM,
Eastern Savings Bank, Community Room, 1 Church St. Watertown, MA
(Behind the Armenian Museum on Main St., across Church St. from
Santandar Bank; MBTA & Free Parking)

PMA September Monthly Meeting
Sunday, Sept 11, 2016, 1:30-4:30PM,
Watertown Public Library,
Trustees’ Room, 123 Main St., Watertown, MA(MBTA & Free Parking)

Be a part of the NEW PMA SHAWG (State House Action Working Group) Keep those cards and letters coming!!!

We are asking you and your friends, to please call/e-mail both S-53 Lead Sponsor Senator Donnelly (617-722-1432) and your Senator & Rep Tell them that you support these two MA Constitutional Amendments, and that you would like the PMA friendly Amendments to be brought to a vote.

1-2-3 Action-Steps to MOVE Bills S-53 and H-933 to a VOTE

1- Save the Date: 1 pm; Tuesday Jan 3^rd 2017
Public Event – MA State Constitutional Convention – 1 pm;
Tuesday Jan 3^rd 2017, House Chambers
Re-convening of the State Constitutional Convention (Part VII)

2- Call or e-mail the officials in your district Find your elected
officials by city-town here:

3- Share this announcement and your action with your friends and

Thank you for being a part of this critical grassroots movement,