Mass Action Against Police Brutality – Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events:

Friday 7/29 6:30pm
Planning Meeting
@SEIU 32BK, 26 West Street, Boston

Tuesday 8/2 6:30pm
Film Screening: Slavery By Another Name + Postermaking & Chantbuilding
@1050 Tremont Street, Roxbury Crossing


Join Mass Action Against Police Brutality

You can help build community awareness with our grassroots campaign.

  • join our street outreach team as a volunteer for 1-2 hours
  • donate to print materials for our newsletters
  • come to our community events (& bring a friend) to listen & speak your mind!
  • pack the courthouse to show strong support for a victim of police brutality
  • volunteer to share your special skills or develop your interests for an important cause

Mass Action Against Police Brutality
617-858-0104 (call/text)
maapb.617 (AT)
Facebook/Twitter/Instagram MAAPB617

Unity March Against Police Terror

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