Two Climate Change Rallies, Dec. 12

Both rallies are on Boston Common, the first starts at 1:00 pm.

  1. Jobs With Justice


From November 29 to December 12, world leaders will meet in Paris to negotiate a new global climate treaty. This is their 21st attempt, and we already know that even if they reach an agreement, it won’t be nearly as strong as we need it to be. 2015 is on track to be the hottest year on record, and unprecedented storms, floods and droughts are happening around the world. We are running out of time, and we must create an unstoppable grassroots movement for real climate action.

On December 12, people will come together from every corner of New England to call for bold climate solutions that create secure union jobs, strengthen community power and help build a more resilient future. We envision a movement that unites us all, and we will lift up the voices of New England’s organized labor, immigrant rights, racial justice, and climate justice groups as we call for jobs, justice and climate action together.

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2. Boston Climate Defense

Begins at 3:30 pm.


Right now in Paris, the world leaders are committing us to 4.5 – 7 F degrees of warming by 2100. Catastrophic. For 20 years they have done nothing, and now they are saying this is the best they can offer us. But this year we, the people of Boston, New England and the planet will have the last word:


Join us in this powerful demonstration of strength and solidarity with countries around the world as we draw the line on climate change which we cannot cross, to save our city subway lines. And, well, everything else too.

Dressed as “Metro Boston Climate Defense” employees (, we will “officially” announce and hand out Change of Service maps due to massive flooding to people entering and exiting the subway system. The maps showcase the imminent devastation that sea level rise is going have on our coastal infrastructure if we cross the climate line and fail to keep 80% of our fossil fuel reserves in the ground.

“Official” Uniforms and maps will be provided to everyone joining the action! You need only bring yourself and your desire to win!

We are doing version of this action that was done in 2012, but with a Paris twist, calling on our leaders to “keep it in the ground” or prepare for us to do it for them.
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