Snow and the MBTA’s Chance to Get It Right

 The state shouldsee Snowmaggedon as an opportunity to set up peer to peer  ridesharing networks and to prepare for the advent of driverless cars. There is no  good reason the state could not ask citizens to help each other out via a publically  owned ridesharing application similar to those used by Uberx, Lyft, Sidecar, ect.    We all take risks and at this point I’d rather rely on the kindness of strangers than  the dryness of the sidewalk.

And while sinking a lot of money into new transportation infrastructure sounds like a good idea,the state needs to seriously consider whether buses and trains will soon be made obsolete by a fleet of perpetually in motion driveless cars with pin point accuracy. Why get on a half empty bus that will drop you blocks from your destination when you could flag down a car full of people going pretty close to where you’re going anyway?

Think before you spend, Charlie.