1st FloodBoston Spokes-Council Sunday 3pm at E5

Dear FloodBoston network,

We have an exciting meeting coming up this Sunday, Feb. 1st at 3PM at Encuentro 5. It will be our very first spokes-council. While our meetings so far have focused on the structure and formation of affinity groups (AG’s), the spokes-council will focus on coordinating many AG’s around planned actions of resistance/support. We will now be a network of AG’s who can coordinate efforts (and actions) to create larger, more disruptive rifts in the status quo.

We are hoping to bring in AG’s that are focused on the environment, human justice, and all things left/progressive. FloodBoston believes that we are all fighting one fight, and so the coordination of many diverse groups is our goal.

If you are coming to be a spoke for your AG, please fill out this form If you have an action planned or brainstormed and want to be included in the agenda it is especially important to fill out the form by Friday at midnight. This meeting is a space to hear about upcoming actions and to facilitate collaboration.

If you do not have an AG to affiliate with, please come because we will have time to facilitate affinity group formations.

The meeting will be held at Encuentro 5
9 Hamilton Pl, Suite 2a, Boston, MA 02108
Map: http://goo.gl/maps/zEeft
We will start promptly @ 3:00-5:00 on Sunday, February 1st

In Solidarity and With Love,

FloodBoston Convening Committee