Save Cape Wind opportunity | 10AM this Sat. @ MIT 66-148

Hi Folks,

This email is to invite you to participate in the group that just formed to try and save Cape Wind. The next meeting will be 10AM this Sat. 1/24 at MIT Building 66 Room 148 (66-148).


After defeating more than two-dozen Bill-Koch funded lawsuits, the nation’s first offshore windfarm is in grave danger of falling to the final lawsuit. Clean energy champions and allies all over Massachusetts and the Northeast need to mount a response to call for National Grid and NSTAR to honor their commitments to buy clean energy from the nation’s first offshore wind farm and help launch a new industry that will create tens of thousands of new American jobs in communities like New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Join the call to Save Cape Wind and stand up for our clean energy future. We the people cannot let a Koch brother stand in the way of progress because he is worried about the view from one his many mansions. Join with us to stand up for democracy, for clean energy jobs, and for a livable future

Save Cape Wind.
<3 Bobby