Adbusters, Friday, Copley, 5 pm, 1/2/15

This weekend, the rebel economists at Adbusters will head to the American
Economic Association conference in Boston to challenge the dead-end
economic ideas of the 1%. As the largest annual gathering of economists in
the U.S., and a magnet for media attention, the AEA conference is the
perfect location to challenge the theories that fuel the financial
instability, climate chaos and market mayhem that are plaguing our
societies. From the workshops to the hallways, we’ll shake things up and
challenge the status-quo with the subversive memes and mind-bombs of a new
pluralist economics for the 21st century.

For our kick off demonstration at Copley Place on Friday evening at 5PM, we
need a few good radicals to gather with us and show solidarity with our
action. To pull the action off, we will have volunteer needs to be filled
starting in the early afternoon to early evening. Please contact us for
more details!

keith (AT) adbusters (DOT) org