First Night Against The Wars

First Night Against the Wars!
Meeting first at 565 Boylston community church of Boston and then
walking on over to our set up location
on the steps of the Boston Public Library (cnr. of Boylston &
starting at Noon till six after the parade
We’ll have free hot chocolate and snacks for passersby who stop to pick up your literature. We’re
also going to have a bright sticker that has broad appeal and that everyone opposed to these
wars can wear.
We’re organizing an educational action that reaches the 100,000s of people who will be in Boston
to celebrate First Night. We want to welcome them. We want to celebrate.
But we also want everyone to be fully conscious of the many wars:

Wall Street and Government’s War on Us!

The wars on women.

The wars on people of color and immigrants.

The wars on working people.

The wars in Africa and Middle East.

The war on the environment.
These are all connected!
Help make this happen!
To help with the planning and organizing, please call me, Dan the Bagel Man at 857-272-6743.