GA Summary – 2 April 2013

Money for S17-related trial expenses

$150 to Linda, for S17-related trial expenses

Brought by Linda. Passed in the consent bucket.

Proposal Consideration Proposal


Several of Occupy Boston’s funding proposals have resulted in hard feelings. Generally, these hard feelings come about when a (large) funding proposal is brought to GA and passed, and people feel blind-sighted because they didn’t know the proposal was coming, and were not at GA to object.

This problem is made worse by two factors:

  • We often don’t know in advance what proposals are being brought to GA, and
  • The tactic of “packing” GAs, where the proposer brings enough friends to overcome a block; after the GA, the proposer and their friends disappear.

I’d like to propose a change to the way we handle funding proposals, to create more opportunity for participation, and to make the process fairer and more democratic. Ultimately, I’d like to see Occupy Boston become better at managing resources.


I ask that any proposal involving more than $500 be subject to a one-GA “settling period”. This settling period would work as follows:

  • Funds or materials are not disbursed until the next GA after the proposal passes.
  • During the following GA, anyone can ask for the proposal to be “reconsidered”.
  • During reconsideration, the proposal is discussed again. The outcome of reconsideration is that (a) the original proposal stands, (b) the proposal is amended (if the original proposer is there to discuss the amendments), or (c) is rescinded.
  • If there are no calls for reconsideration, the proposal stands, and disbursements can be made.

In short, reconsideration provides a one-GA cycle where we can gather additional input, and even change our minds.

I realize that this settling period will slow down some decision making. But I hope that the extra time allows us to make decisions that are acceptable to a greater number of people.

We will maintain the previously allocated direct action funds, to be used for direct action, without the one-GA settling period.

Proposed by Steve. Passed by consensus.

Activist Collaboration and Coalition Building

We’ll spend the next GA brainstorming and discussing ideas for building coalitions with other activist groups in Boston.

GA Minutes: