Proposals Passed During the 17 Feb 2013 GA

Funding Operating Expenses

OB will set aside $3000 to be used for operating expenses and support for events and actions as allocated by GA. We will also set aside any income from passing the hat at meetings.

Brought by Carolyn, passed by consensus

Discussion of Contributions Since Camp

The GA on March 5 will be set aside for the first of several discussions designed to evaluate the contributions of OB since the camp and to several ideas about future directions.

The first discussion will attempt to answer the following question: What are the most significant accomplishments of OB since the end of camp?

Everyone is encouraged to make his/her own list of what was accomplished and its significance (and bring copies if possible). Members of working groups are strongly encouraged to report on their specific accomplishments, and everyone is encouraged to look at the OB website and wiki to review what we have been doing.

Proposed by Carolyn, passed by consensus

OB Equipment

Proposal to discontinue hot-spot subscriptions, and return OB equipment that’s not being used for Occupy activities.

Proposed by Kendra, passed in the consent bucket

GA Minutes: