Mock Bake Sale for Fossil Fuels

OB is hosting a Bake Sale for the Fossil Fuel Industries!

On Saturday, August 4th don your finest business attire and join us at 11:30 at Dewy Square to raise money for our poor fellow citizens. Subsisting only upon record profits and a few billion $$ in US subsidies, how else can our friends in the oil industry afford to invest in innovative new technologies like arctic drilling, tar sands expansion, and hydro-fracking?

They can’t without our support. Last year you donated $35*, but it’s just not enough. We must encourage other people to give, and to give more. Please join us to encourage others to give more as well. Feel to bring pastries for profiteers, pancakes to raise particulates, brownies to buoy bitumen, and cookies to support the Keystone XL.

Think about it this way, when you make $137 billion, $11 billion in subsidies is just not that much.

We have to let people know that these businesses couldn’t make it with out people like us.

*Estimate for how much each person has “gave” on average in tax subsidies last year.


Note: do bring baked goods, we are doing this potluck style!