Going Out of Business Bake Sale for Bank of America

Bank of America’s bad for America
Bank of America’s bad for America

Hey everyone, do you remember the financial crisis of 2008? Do you remember the $700 billion dollar bailout from TARP? Do you remember the $7.7 Trillion dollar bailout from the Federal Reserve? Do you remember the bankers that wrecked the economy, then turned around and gave themselves huge bonuses? The 1% got a windfall, and the 99% got squat. We haven’t forgotten, and we’re not about to let them forget about it either.

Banks got bailed out, we got sold out!

Take our friends at Bank of America. They’ve engaged in robo-signing. They’ve engaged in illegal foreclosures. And they’ve collected a pile of toxic mortgage-backed securities from their purchase of Countrywide.

So what are we going to do about it? We’re going to lace up our aprons and throw BofA a bake sale. Yes, you heard that right: we’re throwing a Going out of Business Bake Sale for Bank of America.

Do you remember the solidarity we had at Dewey Square? We’re asking you to show some of that solidarity again in a bank action. Come to Dewey Square at 4pm, this Monday, July 2nd. From there, we’ll head over to the Bank of America building at the corner of Franklin and Federal. Then we rally, flyer, and give out baked goods from 4:30 – 6:00. Yes, real honest-to-goodness, no-money-down, variable-interest-rate, miss-a-payment-and-we-take-your-f’ing-house baked goods.

Bring your signs, bring your theatrics, but most of all, bring yourselves! Let’s show the banksters at Bank of America that we haven’t forgotten who train-wrecked our economy.

See you at Dewey Square, Monday, 4:00 pm.

(P.S. – This is not a one-time action; it is the start of a campaign. We’ll be back to do it all again on Monday July 9th.)