Occupied Nation NEEDS your announcements about Occupy, Occupy Events and Allies/Affinity Actions & Events!

Occupied Nation is a weekly talk show hosted by Patrick (Boston George) every Monday from 3pm-6pm on www.obr.fm, Occupy Boston‘s Internet Radio Station.  The three hour show begins with coverage of upcoming Occupy Boston and allied events in the local area, from working group meetings, to film screenings, eviction protests and political rallies.  This show gives the Occupy Boston community the opportunity to catch the events they need and want to be at this week all in one place, with some great commentary from Patrick.

After you fill up your calendar, I recommend you stay tuned-in with Patrick for interesting interviews from local, national and global folks involved in Occupy and other movements that are changing the world and the way we think.

Visit Occupied Nation’s blog and see what Patrick is up to and let him know about any Occupy/Ally event he should be announcing Mondays starting at 3pm on www.obr.fm!  Every week he has been making announcements using the calendar and the web but he’d like to make it more personal and get as much info as possible that isn’t covered by the usual sources!  Look for the Event submissions button on the blog in the top menu or see the direct link below.

The direct link to the form is here:: http://form.jotform.us/form/21670778110148

Peace and thanks!
Sarah Francis
Occupied Nation