Solidarity Action with Yo Soy 132 For Transparency in the Mexican Election

A project of Occupy Boston Action Assembly  –  Friday, June 29th 4-5 PM outside the Mexican Consulate, 55 Franklin Street, in the Financial District


Student activists in Mexico have asked for international shows of solidarity around the world to call attention to the attempts by the conservative PRI party to rig the July 1st election.  PRI corruption includes connections to narco-trafficking and the destruction of indigenous communities as well as increased wealth inequality and violent repression of dissent.  The present movement gets its name from a demonstration in which 131 university students interrupted a staged photo – op and forced the PRI candidate to hide in a bathroom.  Since then, thousands of Mexicans have declared “Yo Soy 132” – I am #132.

This demonstration will be for the benefit of the Mexican activists who need to know that the world is watching the election with them.  We will meet outside the Mexican consulate.  Signs will be provided, and an experienced Mexican activist will speak briefly about the movement.  The main goal is to get some quality pictures and videos to send to the activists in Mexico for their use.  Therefore, we ask that you arrive on time, by about 4:30-4:445 we hope to shoot pictures and video with as many supporters as possible to forward to Yo Soy 132 in Mexico.

Also please note that some earlier fliers for this even had an old address from the consulate which is no longer correct; the consulate is located at 55 Franklin St. in the financial district.