This Thursday: March for Opportuni(T)!

March 29 at Park Street Station: March to Save the T!

Organized by the Youth Affordabili(T) Coalition

Opening Rally
Park Street Station

Closing Rally
State House

The MBTA has two proposals for fare increases and service cuts to cover its 2012 deficit. Both proposals attack youth, students, seniors, disabled and families. We demand the MBTA stop the fare increase and service cuts! Instead, we need a more affordable T. Create the Youth Pass now! We didn’t create the MBTA’s Big Dig Debt or the failed funding system. We shouldn’t have to pay for it either! The Governor and Legislators need to step up and fund the T!

Youth Way on the MBTA is a campaign for youth transit justice, launched in June 2007. We have a right to public transit we can afford, quality service, safety and respect on the MBTA.