Currencies, a dis/Conference with David Graeber at Harvard University

David Graeber

The following announcement comes from our sisters and brothers at Occupy Harvard:

Currencies, a dis/Conference 
with David Graeber
Harvard University, Northwest Labs basement (under the whales)
March 23, 2012, 12 pm -5 pm

Currencies are telling of our current time. Debt, labor, commodification, ownership, and consumerism structure and characterize contemporary life and knowledge production. From the monetization and protection of intellectual property to the debts that students accrue, from the exploitation of adjunct labor to the re-productions of class lines, this dis/Conference seeks critical engagement with what has currency and what serves as currency in education and life today.

In contrast to traditional conference formats, this dis/Conference seeks to facilitate open, horizontal education through substantive knowledge sharing, inquiry, critique, and discussion. Together with David Graeber—anarchist, occupier, and anthropologist—we will engage the economies of academia by subverting its dominant forms of knowledge production. In the process, we will participate in the purposeful creation of an alternative model for scholarly engagement, beyond mere discussion. Under this model, our primary resources will be ourselves. Everyone—inside or outside of academia—is welcome.

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