The Latest Issue Boston Occupier Is Out Tomorrow (3/14)! Distribution Help Needed!

The latest issue of the Boston Occupier is coming out this Wednesday (March 14). We want to get the word out — all over Boston and beyond — that our movement is growing, changing, and as urgent as ever. We need help distributing all 15,000 copies of Issue #6!!! Here’s the game-plan:

  • Our big distribution push will be the Wednesday afternoon commute. We need volunteers!!! We’ve found that the best strategy is actually to ride the T, moving from car to car, passing out papers to riders. This is especially appropriate because we are covering the ongoing protests against MBTA fare hikes & service cuts. Volunteers should meet at 5 pm at Encuentro 5 (33 Harrison Ave, 5th floor, Boston). (If you can’t come until 5:30 or 6 pm, that’s ok too.) It’s more fun to go out in pairs, so hopefully we’ll have enough volunteers to make that possible. So, come and spread the Occupy news!
  • Copies of the paper will be available for anyone and everyone to pick up, beginning at 2 pm on Wednesday at Encuentro 5 (33 Harrison Ave, 5th floor). They’ll be there all week! Please take a stack and commit to distributing them in your community (small stacks in cafes, libraries, bookshops, laundry mats, community centers, waiting rooms, campuses, etc). In this issue: Occupy the T, rallies for Harvard’s library workers, March 1st student protests, Occupy & race, International Women’s Day, the mortgage fraud settlement, and more!
  • If you are a part of another local-area Occupy movement, a union, or a community organization that’s willing to distribute papers — let’s make it happen! Send questions or suggestions about distribution to Julie O ( — or, better yet, just pick up a big pile of papers from E5.
  • Also available with this issue is our new subscription service, part of our effort to raise funds and make the Boston Occupier sustainable for the foreseeable future. Read about it online here. I hope you’ll encourage those you know to subscribe to the paper!

Please feel free to respond to me ( with any questions, ideas, or suggestions. Thanks!