M17 Action Spokescouncil Proposal Consented to by GA

The following proposal was consented to by the OB General Assembly on 03/10/2012.

IDENTIFY THE NEED THIS PROPOSAL ADDRESSES: Publicizing OB and growing our base, celebrating 6 month anniversary of OWS

BRIEF SUMMARY OF PROPOSAL: M17 Spokescouncil proposes an alternate location and format for a popular assembly on March 17, 2012 to cap off our radical history tour of the Freedom Trail.

In order to increase Occupy Boston’s public visibility and continue to grow our base of support, and in recognition of the 6-month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street and the City of Boston’s Evacuation Day holiday, the M17 Action Spokes Council proposes the following structure for an alternative assembly on the evening of March 17th. Regular business will be suspended for the evening. Two members of the OB community will facilitate agenda and speakers. Working groups, caucuses, and affinity groups will be able to get on stack to spend 2-3 minutes describing their groups’ missions within the framework of political and social revolution. Groups should attempt to highlight how their work parallels and builds upon the work of activists from the American Revolution. During this time they may also briefly announce their upcoming events and meetings. No other time will be set aside for announcements. We propose to hold this alternate assembly on the Boston Common for its historical significance as a meeting place, proximity to the Freedom Trail, and highly visible central location.

• Announcements and Opening
• Open mic: Why We Occupy (2 minutes)
• Working groups, caucuses, and affinity groups (2-3 minutes)
• Speakers:
• Facilitated open mic: (2 minutes per individual)