Health Justice Working Group to Host Monday’s Community Gathering

A Solution to Disparities in Healthcare: Single-Payer (socialized) Health Insurance. “Nobody Out! Everybody in!”

On Monday, March 12, two members of the Health Justice Working Group, Cassie Frank, a full-time primary care physician and longtime activist, and Jim Recht, a psychiatrist, addictions specialist, and chairman of the Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP), will present on single-payer health insurance to the community.

The United States suffers from great unmet medical needs. Infant mortality rates are greater and life expectancy is shorter than in any other developed nation. Yet, the United States spends more than twice as much on healthcare than any other country.

What has gone wrong? One of the main causes of high infant mortality and shortened life spans is the country’s health insurance system. Our current system is based on multiple, redundant, private health insurance corporations competing for profit. Competition for profit and market share create the wrong incentives and make it impossible for these corporations to deliver affordable, comprehensive care to the 99%

The solution is a single, nationwide healthcare program; insurance by a single payer. Such a single-pay system would cover every person, automatically, for comprehensive medical care without deductibles or copays.

There is no need to wonder, “How will we pay for this?” In fact, we are already paying for it by pouring money into those multiple, redundant, for-profit health insurance corporations. Sadly, we are just not getting what we think we are paying for.

Come and learn more at 6pm, Monday, March 12 at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul (138 Tremont)!

For more information, contact Jim Recht, MD at