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    Occupy Boston and OWS mic check in solidarity with Occupy Oakland

    On Sunday, January 29th, over 100 members of Occupy Boston took the streets of Boston to demonstrate in solidarity with Occupy Oakland, who had been brutalized by the Oakland police department 24 hours earlier. The marchers were joined by 20 members of Occupy Wall Street who were visiting Boston in a tour of Northeast occupations.

    The scene in this video happened in front of the Prudential Center, as occupiers sat down in the middle of street in order to explain the purpose of the demonstration to people walking by.

    The OB Media Rundown for 1/30/12

    Dewey Square fills with Occupy Boston protestors after march from Copley Square

    Between 80 and 100 protesters claiming to be activists of the Occupy movement have rushed onto Dewey Sqaure after marching through the Back Bay and downtown Boston with signs and banners.

    After a slow march that ended in a sprint, some protesters shouted “Welcome home, Occupy” as they reached the green space from which the protest group was removed from last month. Others planted a flag reading “Occupy Boston at Dewey Square.”

    Boston: Student movement formed from Occupy, protestors camp at UMASS

    Friday marked day five of Occupy UMASS Boston protestors camping inside the university’s student center. With three tents and donated food, the group of approximately 25 students say they’re comfortable sleeping overnight on campus and returning to class in the morning all for the sake of lowering tuition and fees.

    UMB Senior and Occupy protestor Stephanie Fail passionately spoke about the lack of student voice in the decision making process, “When students trustees in the past have gone to request for more student spots on the trustee board they were pushed aside too and said ‘No we would have to add more non-students trustees to keep it balanced.’ I don’t see how it’s balanced to have 20 or more trustees and two students.”

    It’s Time to Occupy for the Minimum Wage

    As a student at Carleton College in Northfield, Minn., I witnessed the Occupy Minnesota movement in downtown Minneapolis. While interning in the Boston area, I visited the Occupy Boston encampment in the city’s financial district. In both regions, there appears to be widespread support for the Occupy movement, although critics say the movement lacks an issue or demand to focus on.

    The minimum wage is an issue that spans partisan lines and that the Occupy movement should embrace. According to a 2011 American Values Survey, over two-thirds of Americans support raising the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10. At the same time, polls are mixed but many show that a majority of Americans support the goals and principles of the Occupy movement.

    Although President Barack Obama did not mention the Occupy movement in his State of the Union message on Jan. 24, his call for “economic fairness” for all families was a major point of emphasis, and proposals to narrow the gap between the rich and the poor can be seen throughout the speech. Increasing the minimum wage would be a great starting point.

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    ACTION: Solidarity with Oakland

    Yesterday, Occupy Oakland moved to convert a vacant building into a community center
    to provide education, medical, and housing services for the 99%. Police responded with tear gas, rubber bullets, beanbag rounds and mass arrests. The State has compounded its policy of callous indifference with a ruthless display of violent repression.

    The Occupy movement will respond, as we have always responded: With an overwhelming show of collective resistance.

    Today, we take to the streets.

    Across the country, we will demonstrate our resolve to overcome repression and to continue to build a better world grounded in love and solidarity for one another.

    All eyes on all Occupies.


    Sunday, January 29th – 7:00 PM EST, Meet at Copley Square

    Be there.

    Copley Square 7PM

    Washington Square Park 7PM

    Love Park 7PM

    McPherson Square 7PM

    HQ – Jackson & LaSalle 7PM

    Macarthur Park 5PM PST

    JFK Memorial 6PM CT

    Justice Center 4PM PST

    Voice of Freedom Park 7PM

    Superbowl Village 6PM

    Joining NYC march via train. Washington Square Park 7PM

    City Hall 7PM

    Organizing initiatives are underway in


    If your city would like to organize & join in this call to action, email

    The OB Media Rundown for 1/29/12

    Occupy joins other protesters in march on Super Bowl Village

    A mix of union members and Occupy protesters from across Indiana led a rally Saturday that began at the Statehouse before weaving through the crowded pre-game attraction. Speakers at the rally included two state representatives, a state senator and several union workers.

    Indianapolis Education Association President Ann Wilkins told the crowd of about 75 protesters to remember which legislators voted for the right-to-work bill and vote them out in the November elections.

    Police clash with Oakland protesters, 100 held

    Riot police arrested more than 100 anti-Wall Street protesters during a series of clashes in the streets of Oakland on Saturday that saw officers in riot gear firing tear gas at activists who tried to take over a shuttered convention center.

    Study: Finance industry execs rule political spending

    Over the last 30 years, political contributions made by financial industry executives increased by 700 percent, according to new analysis by the watchdog Sunlight Foundation. Roughly 5,500 members of the finance, insurance, real estate sector (FIRE) gave $178.2 million to political committees and candidates during the 2010 election cycle, up from $15.4 million in the 1990 cycle.

    Giving was concentrated most among securities and investment executives and, although tilted slightly toward Republicans, the finance-industry greenback geyser gushes in both directions of the political spectrum. Although the finance sector gave 54 percent of its cash to Republicans in 2010, it gave 51 percent of its cash to Democrats in 2008.

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    #bostonGA livestream and chat

    Tonight, around 30 members of OWS will be joining us at general assembly. We have carved out about an hour of time to have a free-ranging discussion about the occupy movement and how we can learn from one another’s successes and setbacks.

    Watch the livestream:

    Participate in the live chat:

    Contact us

    Occupy Boston Media <> • <> • @Occupy_Boston