Tactical Task Force Proposal Consented To . . .

The below proposal was agreed to by the OB General Assembly, on 1/28/2012.

We propose, as a working group, to begin open and announced meetings to discuss our next actions in anticipation of the American Spring. The Tactical… is a super working group made up of the Direct Action WG, Logistics WG and Signs WG.

We propose that $14,000 of the general fund be earmarked for Occupy Boston’s future occupation. None of this amount can be disbursed until March 1, with the consent of the GA.

Setting aside $14,000 will give Tactical a budget to work from. It will allow us to plan properly for supplies needed and know that the funds exist when the time comes. It will be an investment in the future of Occupy Boston.

The Tactical… will set up a WePay account as soon as possible in order to raise funds.

Any money that comes into the WePay account can be spent autonomously by The Tactical Task Force.

If more than $14,000 is raised by the autonomous WePay account, the earmarked funds will then be released back into the open General Fund. The Tactical… will work closely with FAWG to provide receipts for accountability and transparency while maintaining good security culture.