Occupy Boston TV Announces New Episodes of Occupy Boston Live

Occupy Boston TV is proud to announce new episodes of Occupy Boston Live, produced by and featuring Occupy Boston activists! Check out some of the new episodes below.

Representative Corey Atkins and Suffolk Law Professor Donna Palermino give a teach-in on the implications of corporate person-hood:

Betsy Boggia of Occupy Natick talks to Occupy Boston Live about the work of Occupy the Burbs:

Occupy Boston TV is a working group of Occupy Boston that produces live talk shows on a variety of topics related to Occupy Boston. They are also in the process of making documentaries related to the Occupy movement and is writing short street theater/action-related videos that they plan to produce this winter. Occupy Boston TV can be contacted through either the Occupy Boston wiki or their Occupy Boston groups site. If you are interested in being a guest or have an event that you’d like coverage on, please email them.

Anyone is welcome to join Occupy Boston TV. No previous television experience is necessary, and training and resources are provided. Occupy Boston TV will be live again on February 4 from 3 to 5 pm at Brookline Access TV. To see the show live, visit Occupy Boston TV’s livestream site. For more info on participating in the Feb 4 show, please email them.

To see an archive of shows and more videos visit Occupy Boston’s Youtube channel.

Audio content of our past shows also airs on Occupy Boston radio.

We can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

All Occupy Boston TV talk-shows, documentaries, and interviews, as well as Occupy news segments from around the world, can be downloaded from Occupy Boston at www.pegmedia.org for airing on local cable stations.