Support Occupiers Headed to Occupy Congress on #J17

The #BostonGA passed a proposal on Saturday, January 14, 2012 allocating $2500 from our general fund to send more than 30 Boston occupiers to Washington, DC to join thousands of others occupying Congress on #J17. This historic event is the first major occupy-led national demonstration in DC. Boston’s voice will be well represented as we continue to build the movement to take back our nation’s capital.

Today, we ask you to support Occupy Boston as we stand in solidarity with the 99% nationwide; your support will also allow us to continue our critical work in Boston and around the county.

>> Donate to Occupy Boston <<

Without a steady physical presence at Dewey Square, donations to OB have been less frequent. Can you support us today to ensure that we can continue to fund efforts like #J17?

A rundown of costs:

  • $1500 for transportation. We will be renting two 15 passenger vans, (the most cost-effective solution).
  • $500 for food.
  • $500 for miscellaneous items to make sure occupiers are safe.
Follow Occupy Boston’s #J17 efforts on Twitter with the hashtag #OBDC. Thank you for your support!

For more info on #J17 visit And take a look at this promotional video about the event: